What to Look for in a CBD Brand Before Buying?

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With cannabis being legalized, the CBD industry has been propelled into the stratosphere. The demand for CBD and the size of the industry is showing a remarkable YOY growth.

Conservative estimates put the market at sixteen billion dollars or more by the end of 2025 as cited in the research study and analysis.

According to Ivan Green from The Cannabis Radar: “With such strong growth, there is a spurt in the number of scams that have cropped up around the CBD industry”. 

Here we have put together a list of some not so known myths and scams that you should check for:

Essential things to consider in a CBD Brand before buying:

The Free Trial or the ‘Only Pay the Shipping’ Scam

Get a Free trial of CBD oil!  Just enter your Credit card and you will receive a free bottle of CBD Oil.

A little twist to this could be where the ‘Seller’ might ask for only the shipping charges

Doesn’t that sound interesting? Well although it sounds like a deal, however, it is one of the biggest scams in the market right now.

You enter your credit card, and you might never see that free bottle of CBD Oil. What you will see are recurring charges on your Credit Card every month.

So beware of a brand that asks you for your credit card only in exchange for CBD.

The money lost is your loss at the end of the day. You would not be able to get in touch with the customer care support center as there are none. At the same time, you might also incur a problem while intending to cancel the subscription, when the only choice you are left with is contacting the bank.

Misleading Information on the Label

The COA or the certificate of analysis is an extremely significant piece of paper that determines the credibility of a new product launch in the market. 

The CBD industry currently lacks any strictly imposed standards. This means brands can go about manipulating the information on the packaging such that you feel you are getting a lot more CBD per $ then you actually are.

 In addition to this many brands have even gone about making false claims on the ingredients of the CBD Oil. Labeling solely is not enough; instead customers need to pay major heed to the product content.

It will offer you in-depth information about the actual content of THC and CBD which serves as one of the reasons why COAs are a compulsory requirement for CBD manufacturers to possess.

It is only through a COA can a customer be aware of the true composition of each and every product. Although COAs are not that easy to get your hands on, you might as well need to reach out to the brand to get your hands on.

On receiving it, you can acquire a QR code on the label which needs to be scanned in order to view a webpage comprising the product’s COA.

Unrealistic or False Claims

With new research coming in literally every week, the list of benefits that CBD has keeps expanding. This has also given rise to companies making false claims for their specific CBD brands.

From curing cancer to being the wonder drug that can eradicate any disease on the face of the earth, the CBD companies have done it all. Any claim that sounds too unrealistic probably is not true! Hence, you should be aware of such instances and not trust a company offering such claims. 

Claims such as there are simply not true! The companies even claim for a higher CBD content which is one of the common misleading claims trending across the market.

Unverified Brands

Well, there is no denying that we, the consumers need to be extra cautious about a product that we are consuming. This stands true for CBD oil as well which is largely consumed by individuals suffering from anxiety, depression, and even chronic pain.

As a result, casualties of no form can be entertained. Hence, it gets increasingly important for us to check out the website to find brands that have been warned and black-listed.

The FDA releases a statement at routine intervals while mentioning the names of brands and companies following ill practices. This further makes us an informed buyer and helps us to stay away from brands that have not passed the tests.

Keep on checking the website to learn more insight about your favorite CBD oils. 

Online Presence and Reputation

At present, we all are exposed to several online dispensaries involved in trading CBD products. Although each of them hails from locations that have legalized the use of cannabis, however not all have the same online presence and reputation.

While browsing a CBD brand’s website, it is essential to check whether it renders an outstanding online presence or not. It will further offer valuable information to the customers while leaving them with a concrete decision.

The useful information available online will further guide you to choose the best CBD products with an aim to address your specific needs and concerns. Refrain from a dispensary or website that seeks to push its sales upon you. This alone should deter you away from buying the product of the particular CBD brand.

Furthermore, feel free to check online reviews and feedback cited by consumers to know more about the brand and its reputation. 

Know About CBD Oil Products

Before purchasing CBD oil near you, it is recommended that you know more about the product and why you intend to buy it. This will offer a clear understanding of the knowledge and purpose of purchase.

You need not have any underlying illness to have CBD in your diet; however, it will be best if you understand the benefits of the oil before buying it. 

Most individuals usually use the oil regularly for managing conditions such as depression and anxiety. Details can be cited from the study better apart from treating these conditions, it also helps to regulate the concentration, memory, and mobility. 

However, things are different if you are suffering from extreme chronic conditions. This is when it is a must to visit a doctor to manage the symptoms well. Once you have gained a proper idea about the oil, you will be able to attain the ideal intervention without incurring any adverse effect.

While you are on the lookout for varied CBD products, you will come across brands supplying a myriad of products such as oils, concentrates, tincture, gummies, and capsules. The products work for a number of reasons and in a number of ways.

Deep research like reading up on brand reviews at The Cannabis Radar and Spinfuel offers valuable insight into understanding the kind of CBD product that will help you to make the right purchase.

Origin of Hemp and Extraction Method

Remember that just because hemp is a plant does not mean it is good for you! Hemp tends to absorb each and everything, including water, soil, and air.

You sure do not want to consume products filled with harmful pesticides, toxins, or chemicals! Hence, do not forget to look for the source of hemp, and check its origin.

Among all kinds of hemp, organic help is the best one. While browsing for a CBD brand online, find out whether the hemp is grown from organic sources to prevent yourself from consuming toxins in your body.

In addition to this, the method of extraction is another important determinant that should not be ignored. The extraction requires crucial equipment that makes use of ‘superficial CO2 extraction”. The method further ensures to use carbon dioxide in order to pull the CBD out in a cold environment. 

Third-Party Lab Test

Among several other details, this is arguably one of those determinants that make it to the top five. For a brand testing its products out, it will definitely have them available on the official website.

This is where a buyer will be able to find out the certificate of analysis, the COS of the product, and other important test results. If you are wondering what a third party lab test is, well let me offer you a brief insight.

It is a document that proves that the product has undergone multiple checks for ascertaining the level of THC and CBD content. Furthermore, it also aims to verify that the product you are choosing is completely free of all kinds of contaminants. While browsing across CBD websites, do not forget to check whether the product is third party tested.

However, if you fail to find the reports online, it could signify a number of things. Some of the common reasons might be a high amount of THC content level, or the probability to contain harmful impurities. Likewise, it could also mean that the brand is not professional enough to upload the necessary information on the website.

With no formal analysis or certificate, there is simply no way for us to confirm whether the product is safe for consumption or not. Hence, it is better when kept away from your radar!


While CBD is effective and you should definitely try it, it is also important to be an informed customer. The points mentioned above are in no way exhaustive, but nevertheless are prevalent.

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Written by Ivan Green

Dr. Green is the senior research analyst at Discover magazine & it's his mission to educate people about Cannabis & CBD products so they can make a wise decision. When he is not working, you'll probably find him in taking care of his kitchen garden.

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