Seven Tips for Anyone in a Relationship

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In relationships, disagreements often arise. And if your partner is a representative of a different culture, you need to be doubly careful. Every relationship is unique and every situation is different, but there are tips to help you deal with any conflicts that may arise or understand whether these relationships are worth continuing.

Remember That Opposites Don’t Attract

Of course, you and your Ladadate — Russian brides can have different hobbies and views, but exactly as long as they do not invade the territory of your partner’s key ideological positions. The joint-life of a supporter of patriarchal views and a feminist, a monarchist and a liberal, and even fans of different football teams is unlikely to be cloudless. In key issues, you and your Russian brides should look, according to the precepts of Exupery, in one direction.

Make Rules in Your Relationship

Agreements are not about trying to restrict someone’s freedom, they are about trying to find a common language that the couple speaks. A partner’s views on the distribution of responsibilities, financial issues, the possibility of sex on the side, joint and separate rest, and even one who goes first in the shower in the morning can be radically different from yours. You don’t have to wait for a big fight to find out what your Russian brides think about it. Set rules ahead of time and follow them.

Don’t Use Jealousy As an Indicator of High Feelings

The requirement to stop communicating with all persons of the opposite sex, ambiguous reactions to every glance towards an attractive person, attempts to control correspondence do not indicate great love and fear of losing a partner. This is a control method and a warning signal that should not be ignored.

Solve Problems Without Involving a Third Party in Your Relationship

No need to run for advice to parents, friends, or anonymous users on forums. You always know better what is happening in the relationship since it is you who know all the circumstances of the conflict. Let’s say you still turned to your mother for support, and she agreed that your bride is wrong and generally bad people. You will reconcile with the offender later, but for your mother (friend, the entire internet), they will remain a scoundrel.

Leave Each Other Personal Space

Not everything that people come into a relationship with becomes common. Reserve the right to conduct private correspondence, have personal savings that you spend on things you need only, and engage in your favorite hobbies. And most importantly, your partner can do all this too. Just accept it.

Talk About Love

Have you confessed your feelings to your Russian brides once and thought that this is enough? Don’t take the person next to you for granted, be grateful that they chose you. Remind them about your love, compliment them. This is a simple and free sign of appreciation.

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Don’t Compare Your Relationship with Stories from Books and Movies

Stop trying to repeat a love story from your favorite film, book, and even more so a fairy tale. You are not Cinderella and the Prince, you are not Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet (or Bridget Jones), you are not Tony Stark and Pepper Potts, your relationship is developing differently, and that’s okay.

And then, before plunging into the vanilla abyss called “happily ever after”, the heroes go through a series of difficulties because the conflict is the mover of the plot. Create your “happily ever after” with your Russian brides without serial intricacies and without looking at the fantasies of screenwriters.

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