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Napa Valley Vineyard

Six Things To Do In Northern California

From Wine Country to Cheese Trails to epicurean delights, Northern California has it all. Here are six ideas for things to do in Northern California that are not to...

7 Things To Do In Southern California

From So-Cal's deserts to jewels on the coast, here are seven ideas for things to do in Southern California that are not to be missed.  Earthquake Canyon Express Bicycle...

Reveling in Ravello

We begin to understand Italy’s five minute rule. By the time we reach Ravello, we’ve been in Italy fourteen days, and something has become abundantly clear. Everything is five...
Ungava Bees Knees

Spicy Jamaican Lemonade

We Called Her Sexy Lexy An exotic creature who came to our Manitoba town from Paris one summer. She knew everything there was to know about beauty. She always took...
Olive grove

How to Select Olive Oil

The world of olive oil is just as complicated as the world of wine. “Italy has some of the most beautiful products that anyone can imagine”, Elena Lepori tells...

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