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Good Witch Bad Witch Pins

The Best Gifts for the Trendy Witches in your Life

The witch trend is still going strong for many millennials out there. I must admit, I am a self-proclaimed witch (so is one of our other writers, Jennifer Gault....
Restaurants Canada

Dining Trends to Watch in 2019

Restaurants Canada has discovered some very interesting restaurant stats that will surprise you... Let's Get to It... STAT • There are 95,000 restaurants, bars and caterers across Canada to which there...
Grey Goose Holiday Apple Cider

Holiday Cocktails

A few ideas to spice up the holiday cocktail season... Grey Goose Holiday Apple Cider - The perfect cold weather sip for any occasion. Ingredients: 1 Part GREY GOOSE Vodka 3...

The Vegan Side of the Cactus Club Café

Eating out for vegan cuisine is not always easy. True, there are a growing number of plant-based restaurants in the city of Toronto. But finding options in a restaurant...
Romain Avril, Neruda Restaurant

Chef to Watch: Romain Avril

In an age when chefs have become entrepreneurs, Chef Romain Avril’s culinary alacrity has been particularly impressive. With his zeal to explore new culinary challenges, and a repertoire cultivated...

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