Mott 32 in Las Vegas

mott 32 vegas
mott 32 vegas
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The Setting

With an impressive 11,000 square foot private dining room with 242 seats, Mott 32 will the first of its kind in the U.S., alongside award winning locations in Hong Kong and Vancouver. There is also a Bangkok location coming soon.

Capturing Las Vegas Culture

Mott 32 Las Vegas will not just emulate the values and design of the original Hong Kong venue, but also include a tribute to the history of Las Vegas and capture details of the culture.

The Menu

The Mott 32 in Las Vegas will feature can a contemporary Cantonese menu, with Beijing and Sichuan elements. Some epic dishes incorporate dim sum like you’ve never seen it before. These include ginger crab meat congee and sticky black cod. You can also expect to see Mott 32’s signature dishes “barbecue Pluma Iberico pork with Yellow Mountain honey” and Peking duck cooked and prepared for 48-hours before serving.

About Mott 32

Named after 32 Mott Street in New York, Mott 32 reflects Chinese culture and perfects refined cooking spanning over generations. Mott 32’s chefs use the latest in cooking innovations and techniques from all over the world. What makes Mott 32 so unique is its way of combining modern and traditional culinary elements.

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