The Ultimate Toronto Bachelorette Party Guide

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As a bridesmaid, planning a bachelorette party for your bestie-bride can be a stressful and daunting task. Toronto has rapidly become a destination for Bachelorette parties, whether it’s for locals or people visiting from all over the world. Here is the ultimate guide to planning a bachelorette party weekend in Toronto.

Kick off the bachelorette party with the Toronto Bridal Brunch. What better way to start a bach-weekend than with a delicious brunch and some mimosas? In addition to this beautiful sit-down brunch, you and your bridesmaids can bond as you walk around and check out some amazing vendors. This could help you add the finishing touches to your perfect day. You’ll have everyone right beside you to give you an opinion, so you don’t have to send those mass texts in your group chat. The Toronto Bridal Brunch is having its inaugural event this year on April 7th, so if you’re planning your bachelorette right now, grab your tickets soon.

Photo: Instagram/@HerMajestysPleasure

Her Majesty’s Pleasure

The Toronto Bridal Brunch should end around check-in time at your hotel. Once you check in, change into something more comfortable and head over to Her Majesty’s Pleasure.  The bride squad can get a manicure, pedicure, and a blow-out to prepare them for the evening festivities. Oh, and of course the cocktails keep pouring at Her Majesty’s Pleasure.

Photo credit to Benefit Canada’s Google Archive Drive

Benefit Cosmetics

From HMP, you and the team will go straight to Benefit Cosmetics on Yonge Street for your private Beauty Bash. The price starts at $50 per bridesmaid and it’s redeemable in product! At Benefit Cosmetics’ beauty boutique, everyone will get their eyebrows perfected and make-up done for the night on the town. The beauty bash package includes a bite to eat, complimented with some more bubbly!

Photo Courtesy of Circus Bus

Circus Bus

You’ll need transportation to get you and the I-Do-Crew around; enter, Circus Bus. Circus Bus is the way to travel around the city in style. It’s a party within itself. They offer 3 bachelorette packages, like the 10-hour Wine Crawl package, and have some crazy add-ons. Turn your bus into a UV Glow-in-the-Dark party or a fun ball-pit party! I spoke with Mike, co-owner of Circus Bus, and he said the party packages can be completely customized, “We are very flexible. Every Maid of honour/bride has a different idea as to what they want, so we accommodate. Basically, the packages we have online are to help spawn some ideas and then we can build off them to add or remove to fit the customer budget and preferences. We do this primarily as a courtesy for our clients as we are now large enough to negotiate a line bi-pass / discounts on behalf of the party.”

Photo: Facebook/@ElCoventoRico

El Convento Rico

Your last stop for the night should be at El Covento Rico. This larger-than-life drag bar not only boasts one of the most entertaining shows in Toronto, but after the show you and your girls can dance the night away.

Photo: Instagram/@ElmwoodSpa

Elmwood Spa

The next morning might be a little rough for you girls. You probably won’t wake up very early, and when you do, you’ll need some major rehabilitation. This is where Elmwood Spa comes in. Pair up the girls and take advantage of the complimentary lunch for two deal. End the weekend off with mouth-watering dishes and some much needed hair of the dog.

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