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Best Self-Care Retreats

golden door spa
golden door spa
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With freezing gusts of winter taking over for the past couple of months, it’s been tempting for me to regress into a depressed hibernation. The winter funk often leads to me being forgetful when it comes to taking care of myself, both inside and out. These scenic self-care retreats are a glimmer of hope that reminds me to turn inward, re-prioritize balance, and book a plane ticket to somewhere warm, ASAP. Its time to get out of the winter funk, and head to one of these best self-care retreats. 

The Golden Door, California 

The Golden Door
photo credit: @thegoldendoor

Get ready to pamper yourself with a personalized, week-long winter getaway to this wellness retreat. It includes daily in-room massages, farm to table food, and personal trainers. Expensive, but worth saving for, and probably one of the best self-care retreat winter getaways you will experience.


Lake Austin Spa Resort

lake austin spa
lake Austin spa

These Conde Nast vetted treatments offer over 100 skincare, body, and massage treatments, with mouthwatering local food and occasional meals by celebrity chefs. 


Amarata Wellness Resort, Thailand

Amarata Wellness Resort
Amarata Wellness Resort

Yoga classes are the highlight at this gorgeous natural wonder, which emphasizes voiding your body of stress via mediation, pranayama, and philosophy classes that heighten introspection. By the end of this retreat, many report complete rejuvenation, and enlightenment of self.

It’s set in the picturesque waterfront right off Austin, Texas, creating an unexpected natural oasis in the South which focuses on the therapeutic effects of water.


ITC Hotel Grand Bharat Spa Resort, India

ITC Grand Bharat Hotel
photo credit: @feelgoodmag

This magical retreat is based in India and looks like something straight out of a movie with its jaw-dropping architecture. Ingredients are local, yet gourmet and programs take on a holistic attitude, with treats like hydrotherapy sessions or Ayurvedic herbal oil massages.

Aro Ha Wellness Retreat, New Zealand
Aro Ha wellness retreat
Aro Ha wellness retreat

Non-carnivores will find a paradise in this intimate retreat high up in the Southern Alps, known for its tasty vegetarian cuisine. 


Two Bunch Palms, California
Two Bunch Palms
photo credit: @twobunchpalms

Soaking in mineral-rich hot springs is the decadent definition of self-love. It’s spread out over 70 acres on the desert and scattered with centuries-old palms and tamarisk trees. Just breathing in the California air will restore your inner space.

A maximum of 32 guests makes this retreat a truly personal experience that ups its value and feeling of connectivity with the world around us.

Sanctuary on Camelback, Arizona

Sanctuary on Camelback

The natural beauties of Arizona are well known around the world, and this retreat is smack dab in the middle of it, clothed by the inspiring backgrounds of Camelback Mountain.

Asian inspired treatments encourage serenity against the panoramic landscape. Try the Sumatra Coconut Body Ritual for the best self-care. 


Sunrise Springs, New Mexico

Sunrise Springs
photo credit: @sunrisespringsnm

This spot is a truly sacred space that encourages introspection and rejuvenation via open-air soaking and receiving therapy from adorable puppies. Yes, the resort has a self-care labeled Puppy Studio to help reduce those cortisol levels.

Described as a “summer camp for grown-ups,” they also have a refresh and recharge package that lets you digitally disconnect and unwind.


Six Senses, Douro Valley, Portugal
Six Sense Douro Valley
photo credit: @sixsensesdourovalley

Set in the picturesque Douro Valley of Portugal, this retreat is renowned for focusing on the Portuguese tradition of spiritual and physical journeys.

In this experience, experts analyze physiological biomarkers that help to create a highly personalized wellness plan for your trip.


Sanara, Tulum, Mexico

Sanara Tulum
photo credit: @sanaratulum

Sanara is an eco-boutique hotel right on Tulum Beach in Quintana Roo. Its name means “to heal,” and it is famous for the Cleanse and Heal program, which ranges from three to seven days, and works with different personal goals.

Ayurvedic and Mayan healing tactics are the usual here, and the Caribbean waters in themselves have mesmerizing powers.

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