The Top 3 Vegan Candy Companies

If you're vegan, finding candy can be tricky. Here are three shops that specialize in vegan candy.

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Did you know that a vegan lifestyle prohibits the consumption of goodies such as gummies or chocolate? It’s because these products contain gelatin and milk.

Fortunately, some companies have taken the leap to create products that our vegan and vegetarian friends can enjoy too. Take a look below to find out where you can get your hands on vegan candies.

Squish Candies

Founded in 2014, Squish Candies is a Montreal based gourmet candy company that offers over 100 gourmet gummy flavours. While they specialize in creating gummies that are made with real fruits, spices and herbs, one thing that puts Squish on the charts is the fact that it offers an array of vegan options. At only $6 for 140g, whether you’re into sweet, sour and even cocktail options, there is a flavour for everyone. My personal favourite from their vegan selection would have to be their peach belts (super sour and yummy), red roses or their well-known Prosecco bears. Oh, and did I mention they also carry vegan vitamins?


Hunnybon is an American self-proclaimed healthy candy store. They pride themselves on carrying products that are free from GMOs, refined sugars, dairy and animal products, artificial colours, sweeteners and flavours, preservatives, pesticides and trans fats. It offers both candy and chocolate ranging from organic watermelon rings to organic dark chocolate paleo bears.

The Conscious Candy Company

In comparison to the other vegan candy companies I mentioned earlier, based in the United Kingdom, The Conscious Candy Company runs a bit differently as it allows its customers to pick and choose what they’d like in their box. Customers can select between the 1kg box, or they have the option of being put on a monthly subscription for 9 pounds (roughly $15 Canadian.)

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