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The Beginner’s Guide To Cannabis Edibles

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kimberly nanney 1351300 unsplash
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Edibles – or food products with marijuana in them –  are controversial, but highly popular with a certain subset of stoners. But, don’t just jump off the deep-end with a friend’s cookie! It’s risky to try edibles when you don’t know the content or percentage. Just like the old “Don’t You Put It In Your Mouth” PSA, you should never eat any edible if you don’t know the ingredients. In this beginner’s guide to Cannabis Edibles, we bring some quick tips to help you out with your edible journey.

Start Small


10 mg per edible is generally considered one serving for an adult, but you might want to start with a lower dose your first time around. Many experts recommend that first-timers start with a 5 mg dose, because edibles can be a lot stronger than you may be accustomed. Different people have different metabolisms and process edibles differently, so don’t base your experience on any you have heard from your friends. Everyone is different, after all. And even if you don’t feel anything after taking one, wait it out – it can take over an hour for edibles to kick in!

Time it Right

It’s always important to be prepared, and that goes double for getting stoned. Edibles can last much longer than other forms of cannabis, so make sure you’re timing your journey right. You definitely don’t want to be stoned while working or driving and endanger your job (or the safety and security of others.) You also don’t want to be accidentally stoned at a family event, like the classic old movie trope. Make sure you’re in a safe space, and won’t have to leave in a hurry at any point.


The Beginner's Guide To Cannabis EdiblesThere are tons of different types of edibles to try, from the basic brownies and cookies to the trendier gummies and candies, to the most exotic types. The company, Flowr, even hired former Iron Chef winner Ryan Reid to create their attempts at the edible market. You can find recipes as odd as cannabis-flavoured mayonnaise, as bourgeoisie as marijuana-spiced lobster rolls, or as spicy as vegan chicken wings. If you’re not a cook, you can also purchase cannabis-enhanced dried apples, potato chips, and chocolate bars!

Take Your Preferences Into Consideration

Look, if you’re not a huge sugar fan, maybe stay away from super-sweet cannabis treats. Do the same if you have any dietary restrictions, or if you’re just trying to stick with a balanced diet. And just like with smoking marijuana, don’t eat edibles if you have any health conditions or disorders which could interact poorly with marijuana. There are other ways to have fun, without jeopardizing your health.

Don’t Stress

If you end up getting too high, just drink some water, go to bed, and try again another time. Scientists have suggested eating more just prolongs your high, and hydrating is always a good idea. Stressing out about something you can’t control will just make things worse – getting high is supposed to be fun, after all. And keep in mind that you can’t overdose on cannabis, so you shouldn’t have any adverse side effects (assuming you’re not medically unable to get high). Just sleep it off, and try again another day.

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Written by Goldie Poll

Goldie Poll is originally from Vancouver, British Columbia. She received her HBA from the University of Toronto in 2014, and her MA from the New School in 2017. She works in multimedia journalism, including in writing and video production.

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