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Short & Sweet Bakeshop: The Most Instagrammable Bakery in Toronto

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I have been a patron of Short & Sweet Bakeshop for over three years now. I first discovered the airy Avenue Road bakery in 2016, and was beyond excited when they expanded and became a permanent resident of the Financial District’s Assembly Chef’s Hall in 2017. Founded in 2009 by home baker Orli Levy, Short & Sweet Bakeshop has quickly become one of the hottest bakeries in Toronto. How have they done this? You might be wondering. The answer is through a combination of delicious and Instagrammable treats.

Not Your Average Childhood Baked Good

First, let’s dive into the treats themselves (all of which are nut-free and made from top quality ingredients, such as fresh berries, Belgian chocolate, and pure vanilla). Short & Sweet is all about the old and the new. They elevate your childhood baked good favourites and turn them into something you couldn’t have imagined in your wildest dreams. Case in point: the Monster Bar. This rich and colourful square is made with everything in your kitchen cupboard and then some. This includes Oreos, shredded coconut, chocolate chips, sprinkles, oats, caramel, and chocolate icing.

The Sammie

The second example is a personal favourite of mine and comes in the form of what they’ve cleverly dubbed the “Sammie.” This decadent dessert sees a generous portion of buttercream sandwiched between two perfectly-baked cookies (it’s a must-try for anyone with a serious sweet tooth). Flavours include Red Velvet (with white chocolate chunks and cream cheese buttercream), Oreo (with mint or vanilla buttercream), and Mars (with toffee bits, vanilla buttercream, and a caramel centre).

Cakes on the Daily

Beyond the Monster Bar and Sammies, Short & Sweet serves up an array of cake and cupcake offerings on the daily, each flavour (and moniker) more enticing than the last. Bugs Bunny (carrot with cream cheese frosting), Caramela Soprano (chocolate with caramel and sea salt), Ooh La La (red velvet), and Penguin Suit (vanilla with chocolate buttercream) are just a few examples.

Ready-to-go cakes and cake by the slice (Assembly Chef’s Hall location only) are also available, with such unique flavours as Salted Caramel and Cookie Dough. Cakes, such as the ever-popular #BirthdayExperience Cake (with sprinkle centre), should be ordered in advance. They also take custom orders for special events, such as wedding or graduation cakes.

Given the photos and treats described above, I’m sure you get an idea of how Short & Sweet has success on Instagram. Not only are their baked goods some of the tastiest in Toronto, but they look pretty darn good on camera.

Killer Slogans

The local bakery’s popularity, however, hinges on more than their ability to curate an Instagrammable dessert. They’ve capitalized on the millennial and Gen Z generations by coming up with a hilarious slogan, “Ruining Diets Since 2009,” creating locations with photo opps. Their Avenue Road location has a pink neon sign on the wall that reads “Butter Cream Dreams,” and their Assembly Chef’s Hall location has a neon sign that reads “Booty by Cupcakes.” Finally, by running a genuinely funny and relatable Instagram account with captions like “We make cakes as extra as a Kardashian,” and “Now that Chan and Jenna are done, fave power couple of 2018: me and cupcakes. #CoupleGoals.”

In essence, if you have yet to visit a Short & Sweet Bakeshop location (or have yet to follow them on Instagram), there’s no time like the present. In all seriousness, if you have a sweet tooth, I can pretty much guarantee that their baked goods will become your new obsession.

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Written by Emily Southey

Emily Southey is a freelance writer from Toronto and it was during her time studying History and English that she became interested in writing. When she's not working, you can typically find her in a museum, baking cupcakes, or watching Disney musicals.

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