Puffy Skin Remedies To Know In 2020 

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We’re all a little groggy when we first wake up. But a more unpleasant morning side effect is facial puffiness. No one wants to feel bloated when the day starts, but tons of people suffer from mild swelling around the eyes and face upon waking. Don’t stress – usually, it’s just the visible effect of built-up fluid in our facial tissues. This naturally arises since we’re laying down for an extended period. That being said, your puffiness might also be due to hormones or other health issues. Below, we’re going to explore the reasons why your face might be puffy, and what you can do about it. Here are top puffy skin remedies to know about in 2020.

Potential Puffiness Culprits and What You Can Do 

Stomach sleeping

Do you usually sleep with your face on your pillow? If you’re a stomach sleeper, gravity is getting the best of you and causing lymphatic fluid to pool. Try to sleep on your back instead to prevent puffy skin.

A skincare routine that’s not applied right

If your products contain potent ingredients like alpha-hydroxy acids or retinol that exfoliate the skin, be careful you’re not applying these products too close to the lips or eyes. It can cause swelling, and these products should be increased gradually over time rather than used daily.

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Animal dander, dust, and environmental factors can all cause allergies. If you suffer from seasonal allergies, you’re more likely to have facial inflammation, especially when you wake up. A tip? Take an antihistamine before bed to avoid that puffy kin.

You have sinusitis

More commonly known as a sinus infection, this uncomfortable affliction can cause swelling in the upper facial area along with pain. Invest in OTC relief, saline nasal rinses, a humidifier, and corticosteroids.


Eating too many salty snacks and not drinking enough water? Puffy skin will come your way. Salty foods retain water under the skin, which creates that bloated look in the morning. Alcohol will also cause dehydration, so switch to kombucha!

Facial Bloating Solutions

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

Water is life. This is the easiest tip to implement and will add overall radiance to your appearance. If normal water bores you, consider carrying around a bottle with lemon, herb, or fruit-infused waters. Basil watermelon water sounds pretty good to us…

Use facial tools

Scraping stones and face rollers have been used by millions of people worldwide to combat the dreaded puffy face syndrome. Aestheticians like to use stones to deflate swollen lymph nodes and transport fluid back into the bloodstream. Massage your skin with these rollers or stones.

Wash your face with cold water

This has a similar effect to a cold compress. Using facial tools that have been stored in the fridge can also be a helpful way to decrease puffy skin. Honestly, you can keep most of your skincare in your fridge.

Use ice cubes

If cold water isn’t cutting it, mimic some cryotherapy at home with just a few ice cubs! Wrap them in gauze and run them over your skin, focusing on the forehead and eye areas. You can even freeze dandelion tea in your cubes, which is a master de-puffer.

Chilled black tea bags

Do you have puffy under-eyes in the morning? Consider storing a reserve of damp tea bags in your fridge. The caffeine from the black tea will help as well, while the teabags have a cold compress effect.

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