Five Restaurants and Bars in Toronto with a Mocktail Menu

prettyugly mocktail
prettyugly mocktail
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Dinner and drinks usually sounds like a good idea, but that almost always implies the consumption of alcohol. If you are not a drinker; if you have restrictions or just don’t feel like drinking for one night, that should not prevent you from having a night out. There is also no reason to feel pressured or embarrassed to consume alcohol either. Bars rarely cater to the non-drinkers and if there are selections to choose, you are usually stuck with the traditional, non-creative drinks such as a Shirley Temple, a regular coke or sparkling water with juice. There are a few gems in the city however, that offer a menu of spirit free drinks. Take a look at five restaurants and bars that offer fun, delicious, alcohol-free drinks that you can proudly cheers to.

Ki Modern Japanese + Bar

Ki Modern Japanese + Bar may be known for their sake on the drink menu, but this hip restaurant offers a small Without Spirit Menu if you’re looking for a refreshing non-alcoholic drink. For a classy but simple-looking drink, try the Momiji, which is made with chilled ‘roiboos’ and a spicy kick.

PrettyUgly Bar

PrettyUgly Bar is a trendy but eclectic cocktail bar with a cozy feel. If you want to feel at ease with pretty drinks on your table without having to consume alcohol, grab something from their Placebo Menu. If you want the taste of floral bitters, try the Nomaro & Tonic. No one will be able to guess that you’re drinking a placebo.

The Shameful Tiki Room

The Shameful Tiki Room will bring you to the tropics for a Tiki experience. Tropical vacations always call for pretty or fancy looking drinks and The Shameful Tiki Room does not leave anyone behind with their Non-Alcoholic Specials. There is nothing to be ashamed of when ordering the Designated Driver or the Sip Sip Safari. If you want to embody this Tiki time capsule bar, ask for your drink to be served in the House Tiki Mug, a souvenir for you to take home after you have finished your drink.

Henrietta Lane

Henrietta Lane serves as a café during the day and when the sun goes down, it shifts into a cocktail bar. This drinkery got its name from an old street in Corktown near Church and Wellington and the history of the old street can be found in the Toronto Archives. This cozy-looking spot also features a cozy non-alcoholic menu under the Teetotallers section. Nothing sounds and tastes more cozy than the Chai Blossom, or you can sip on their daily iced tea for a refreshing relief.

Maple Leaf Tavern

Originally built in the 1900s before WWI, the Maple Leaf Tavern has been recreated to preserve the era of a true tavern with a beautiful wood fire grill to add to this ambiance. This bar takes pride in cocktail hour without neglecting those with consumption restrictions. Their spirit-free menu includes the Paloma Fresca, the Fruit Cup and an Apple Buck.


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