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Here’s everything you need to know about the G-spot. Most of us know how to stimulate our clitoris, but the G-spot is a mystery for many women. A big part of that is because we can’t see it on our bodies. Fiddling around internally to find this magical spot that sounds like a myth can be confusing at times, but we’re here with some words to gently guide you towards a new kind of mind-blowing orgasm.

What is the G-spot Exactly?

The G-spot, or Grafenberg spot, is a tiny area inside the vagina – just about an inch or so inside in the top vaginal wall that sits closest to your bellybutton. This spot has been regarded as a magical button (sometimes mythical) towards orgasm for years. Its surface has a bumpy or raised texture and swells a very small amount when sexually aroused.

But it’s not a magical button. It’s actually an extension of the clitoral network. So when you wake up your G-spot, your clitoris is actually doing part of the work. That little nub that’s visible is only a fraction of what the clitoris is. In reality, it has internal roots that extend up to four inches.

What Does the G-spot Do?

Certain women can’t get enough of G-spot stimulation, while others don’t enjoy the heightened sensitivity. The concept of squirting (no, it’s not pee) actually originated from the G-spot, which causes approximately 10% of women to ejaculate.


Why is it so Difficult for Women to Locate it?

We’re often taught that gently rubbing the clitoris is enough to arouse a woman, but since the clitoris is so complex, every woman will reach a state of arousal differently. Finding that precise part of the clitoris that brings us orgasm can feel like a scavenger hunt. It’s important to listen to yourself and be attuned to your body’s sensitivity – this will increase the likelihood of finding your G-spot.


How to Find it

Unless a sex toy or penis has a specific shape (often curved) finding the G-spot through manual sex can feel impossible at times. Explore with sex toys or fingers in a “come hither” motion, stroking the finger upward towards the belly button once inserted in the vagina. We all have different erogenous zones, so just play around until something excites you! Exploring our bodies can take a lifetime, and there’s no rush to get to the finish line.


Positions to Help you Find your Sweet Spot

Men are pretty much stimulated by any position, but it’s not as cut and dry for us ladies. Trial and error is the best way to see how you enjoy having your G- spot stimulated, but here are some suggested sex positions to enhance that stimulation.

Doggy Style

This classic move helps you get deeper and play around with angles when it comes to your G spot. Starting on hands and knees, have your partner enter. You can control the depth of penetration by moving to your forearms, pushing back with hips, or spreading knees farther or closer together. You might prefer laying flat on your stomach, with legs hanging off the bed’s edge, so your partner can stand and penetrate. This might require a taller bed.

Closed Missionary

Upgrade your missionary position by starting on your back and moving your legs together. Your partner can straddle you as your legs are closed, which creates a tighter sensation. It’s actually a more shallow penetration, but that feeling of tightness can help add some delicious G-spot friction.


Here, your partner lays on their back and you take control in the classic woman-on-top power move. This will help you maintain control over depth, angle, and speed. Don’t bob up and down porn star style – take your time and move back and forth, which will encourage more G spot stimulation against your inner walls.

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Stimulating Products

The Arc by Dame

A completely female engineered company, Arc is a G- spot vibrator that also allows for clitoral stimulation. Personal testimony; I own one myself and give it a five-star review, though I’m not an easy-to-please customer.


A lot of couples can’t be together during the pandemic – this toy works for those who are long-distance and quarantining together. I have remote-controlled vibes, letting your partner stimulate your G- spot from afar. But it can also be used while you’re being penetrated for some mind-blowing vibes.

Vedo Quiver Vibe

On a budget and intimidated by thick G- spot dildos? This alternative has a thinner shaft for beginners but all the sensation thanks to that textured and bulbous body.

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