Easy Ways To Incorporate CBD Into Your Diet

Easy Ways To Incorporate CBD Into Your Diet
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We spend a lot of time discussing the potential benefits of CBD products on our blog. But for some of us, taking CBD tinctures by mouth isn’t our favorite thing in the world. Never fear! There are plenty of easy ways to incorporate CBD into your diet so that you can get all the benefits of CBD without having to change much about your daily routine.

Food and Fixings

If you have a recipe that uses butter, you can incorporate CBD into it. We have talked about cannabutter on our site before, specifically butter using decarboxylated cannabis flowers, but you can make cannabutter infused with CBD oil as well. Use cannabutter with some of your regular butter, and you’ve gotten your dose of CBD goodness in your meat, eggs, or pizza crust. The one thing to be aware of is that sautéing your CBD may cause it to lose some of its potency, so you may want to consider adding the butter to the food after you finish cooking it.

Or, if you don’t want to get quite that fancy, you can slip the oil into an already established recipe—add a little of it in your soup or drizzled it on top of a sandwich. Another super-easy way to get it in is to incorporate it not in the food itself but in the sauces or salad dressings that go on top of it.

CBD Beverages

Most stages of the day involve drinking something, whether it’s a cup of coffee in the morning, a soda with a meal, or a smoothie as a guiltless afternoon snack. Whatever your drink of choice, there is almost certainly an opportunity to bring CBD into it. There are several commercial drinks on the market with CBD already in them, including specialty drinks, sodas, or seltzer waters. But if you have tinctures already that you want to use, there are plenty of ways to add some CBD to the beverages you already enjoy.


We all love something sweet after eating a meal, and that something precious is the perfect opportunity to incorporate CBD into your diet. CBD gummies typically don’t have any of the taste of CBD oil. They taste just the way you’d think they would: like a gummy. If you were never a gummy bear fan as a kid, there are other types of CBD-infused candies for you to try.

If you want a little more for your dessert than candy, you can also incorporate CBD into your baking. Using CBD-infused butter or vegetable oil, you can turn any baked confection into a CBD treat to enjoy. As with food, you can also put CBD into the sauce you put on top of a desert rather than baking it directly into it. Imagine a CBD caramel drizzle on your chocolate chip cookies or a CBD strawberry sauce on your angel food cake. There are even recipes for CBD-infused whipped cream you can enjoy on your favorite hot fudge sundae.

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Written by Mallory Knee

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