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Best Marijuana Strains to Enhance Sexual Pleasure

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As you probably know, everything feels nice when you are high. Sex, too, doesn’t have to be boring when you can use marijuana to enhance sexual pleasure. Different marijuana strains serve different purposes, such as meditation, health, and relaxation.

There has been little research on the relationship between marijuana and sex. Most of it focuses on the role of cannabis in treating erectile dysfunction. However, marijuana can help in many other ways to enhance your sexual activity. Here are the best marijuana strains to enhance your sexual pleasure. 

Top Marijuana Strains for A Better Sexual Experience

1. Wedding Gelato

Low libido is a common issue, but that doesn’t mean that it should interfere with your sexual pleasure. If you are suffering from low libido, you can increase your sex urge by consuming the Wedding Gelato strain.

It lights up the mind and gives the body a perfect sense of relaxation. This Marijuana strain produces both Sativa and Indica, and together, these two components will increase your libido into levels you never imagined before.

It is crucial to note that the buds of this brand produce enough THC levels that will give you the high needed for your sexual activity. You can consume it before sex to reap all its benefits. Check out Wedding Gelato and other strains of marijuana from NuLeaf Naturals CBD

2. Harlequin

Harlequin strain is all you need to boost your energy for morning glory immediately after you wake up. It has a high Sativa content of 75%, and this is enough to give you strength for sex in the morning.

The good thing with this strain is that it contains both CBD and THC. As such, CBD levels will help to mediate the psychoactive effects of THC. 

If your partner loves good morning sex, you should take this marijuana strain immediately after waking up. Besides, most people enjoy morning sex before a 9-5 schedule. Vape it, and within minutes you will be full of energy that can last for long hours. It is far better than coffee in the morning.

3. Bubblegum Kush

Bubblegum Kush is a marijuana strain that works best for partners that love slow and passionate lovemaking sessions. As soon as it kicks into the bloodstream, it enhances your urge to touch and produces a sensational buzz. Your partner also feels responsive to your touches.

This marijuana strain will enhance sexual pleasure by encouraging your body to get an orgasm and positively responding to your partner. You should probably try this strain if you are looking for an intense and relaxed orgasm. It will not knock your head off because it only contains 18% of THC content.

4. Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) Strain

Do you have a long-distance relationship? Do time, opportunity, and distance hinder you from enjoying sex? If your answer to these questions is a ‘Yes,’ then you should try the GSC marijuana strain to enhance your sexual pleasure. There are two main reasons why you should try this strain. 

The first is that you may not always enjoy partnered sex. Secondly, masturbation is just as good for you as sex. This marijuana strain produces euphoric effects that enrich your fantasies and make them more real.

You can vape the desired quantity then watch or read erotic materials to turn you on as you focus on your imagination. The aim is to enjoy pleasure throughout before you reach orgasm. 

5. Dream Queen

You need stamina during sex, and Dream Queen is a strain that will accomplish that goal. It contains the desired amount of THC and is a marijuana strain that improves strength, making it a bedroom requirement.  

After it kicks your system, it increases your focus on whatever you are concentrating on at that moment. It will help you to focus on the sexual sensation at that time in a way that will ensure you satisfy yourself and your partner with wild sex.

It will help you enjoy sex for a long while, exploring all pleasures that come with it. You should expect around two or three if you use Dream Queen because its effects last for long.

6. Blue Cheese

Blue Cheese goes well with some rough, kinky, and naughty sex. It consists mostly of Indica, about 80%, and its THC content is high, up to 20%. It has a sweet taste that will help you to relax during sex. 

This marijuana strain offers a euphoric feeling and bursts of energy that will enhance your sexual pleasure. It is also famous for its ability to reduce anxiety. If you are anxious about performing, you can try consuming it some hours before sex to improve your performance.

Try Blue Cheese to make you feel euphoric, happy, aroused, and relaxed. It will be helpful when you need all the energy to satisfy your partner for longer durations. The savory and sweet smell of blue cheese and berry will give you a unique flavor that will transform your sex life.


Don’t let your sex life be boring when marijuana can spice things up. Reduced sex drive isn’t just an issue for men. Women are going through it too. There are many solutions proposed to solve men’s erectile dysfunction. But, for women, there are few choices. Luckily marijuana is an effective remedy for solving this problem.

You can also consume it in various ways, including vaping, edibles, sublingual, or drinks. It is recommendable, to begin, doses because all these strains contain high levels of THC. After some time, you can increase to the desired levels.

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