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The be.come project is a body positive fitness app that provides an accessible 25-minute routine. Bethany C. Meyers, a fitness and lifestyle entrepreneur based in New York, is an advocate for inclusivity in fitness instruction. They provide one routine per week, to repeat over the course of 7 days. This is done so a person’s body will become familiar with the routine and the movement, as a way to bring confidence to every session. For more on this, here is an explanation from Bethany’s website:

“Ever tried learning a new language? You are shown an apple, then you say apple, then you write apple, then you point to the apple. You do it over and over again until when you see an apple, you think manzana. When you be.come, you practice the same routine all week long. On session 1 you begin to learn it, by session 3 it starts to click and by session 5 you are soaring through the movements feeling them in a whole new way. Then next week comes and we start again. Honestly, it’s magic.”


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A Test Run

I gave this app a try, and I have to say: I love it. I have been following Bethany and their partner Nico Tortorella on Instagram, and I vibe with their politics. When I saw that Bethany put out a fitness app, I was thrilled.

The be.come project app represents all bodies, races, and genders, and it is a safe fitness space which can be difficult to find for many folks. The workouts are challenging and satisfying, and I like the idea of doing the same routine for a week. It’s definitely a unique approach to fitness, and I hope it will set the trend in more emergence of body positive fitness. I also enjoyed seeing representation of fitness models with tattoos, and with different body shapes.


You can try the first 10 days for free. To join the project, it only costs $35 USD.

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