5 Amazing Facts about Cannabis Plants that You Didn’t Know

marijuana plant amazing facts scaled
marijuana plant amazing facts scaled
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Marijuana is one of the most widely recognized plants in the universe. Its popularity and benefits are the main reason for the legalization of the substance in many nations.

That includes Canada and some states in the USA. Despite being the talk of the town, there are plenty of facts about cannabis that you might not know. That is another reason why the plant is always under scrutiny.

Below is a list of some of the hidden facts about cannabis plants that you need to know now that marijuana is legal in many countries.

The United States has a $52.5 billion demand for weed

Among the main facts about cannabis is that the market for the plant and its product is about $52.5 billion. The most surprising bit about these facts is that the figure is only for the United States market. It is also suspected to increase since that is according to the 2018 report. For those who have been keeping a close eye on the market cap of cannabis since its legalization will also agree that the figure is not quite high given that the global cannabis market is about $150 billion and rising.

In Asia, where people seem to understand the benefits of water-soluble CBD oil, the demand for weed is quite high. That is because Asia’s weed demand is $132.9 billion, which is about three quarters, the total value of the weed industry globally. The least demand of the plant and its products is from the Caribbean, where the figure reads $1.7 billion. These figures are rising every single time a state in any continent legalizes the use of cannabis either as a medical or recreational drug.

Canada became the second nation to legalize marijuana

Speaking of the legalization of marijuana, Canada was among the first nations to make it legal. The nation went ahead to gain popularity for being one of the few regions where the weed plant is legal for both medicinal and recreational use. By the time other nations were legalizing the compound, Canadians already knew how to make cannabis olive oil. The legalization happened in July 2001. Soon after, Canada allowed seed grain and fiber production of cannabis. That marked a new marijuana era in the country.

It was, however, not until 2018 that the country allowed the consumption, possession, acquisition, and cultivation of marijuana thanks to the House of Commons. That is under the Cannabis Act, specifically Bill C-45. Canada went ahead to become the first country in G20 and G1 to legalize the use of the cannabis plant and its products. It also became the second country in the world to legalize weed after Uruguay. You should thus know that if you are to smoke pot in Canada, you have to learn how to flush cannabis overdose simply because you may end up overdosing. It is quite common for people who come from nations where weed is illegal.

Marijuana can prevent cancer

There have been various studies on cannabis basing on its benefits in terms of medicinal purposes. Among the reasons why CBD bubba kush strains are so popular today is that it can help prevent cancer. There are also other relations of marijuana with cancer, such as it can help prevent nausea that is usually associated with the condition, especially during chemotherapy. So how can the compound help treat cancer? A compound in the Marijuana plant can prevent metastasis in various forms of cancer. You should thus know that among the myths and facts about high CBD strains is that the plant can help prevent cancer cells from spreading.

If you mix high CBD strains with ID-1, which is a gene that causes the spread of cancer to various human cells, you find that the ID-1 becomes less effective. The freezing of the genes enables the doctors to treat the already infected cancer cells. That is without worrying about the spreading of the disease to other areas. The good news is that for cancer patients who cannot smoke the product, there are various options to consume it; for instance, cannabis gummies with coconut oil.

Dry and trimmed cannabis buds stored in a glass jars – via UrosPoteko/Envato

The concentration of THC in cannabis is much higher than in the 70s

Marijuana is not a plant that people discovered recently. The plant existed long ago, even before the 1970s. The Chinese, as well as the Asians, used to feed on the leaves and other parts of marijuana. That was to benefit from its medicinal capabilities. You should, however, know that the initial cannabis plants did not have high amounts of THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol.

That is because, during the earlier days, cannabis plants only had less than 5% of THC in them. Way less than the modern Marijuana plants that boast of higher THC amounts that can reach 25%. This is why it is easier to get high if you consume modern marijuana so long as it has THC. You can easily consume it in cannabis-infused chocolate-dipped cookies as opposed to early methods of consumption.

First British Queens loved cannabis

The first British queens had some encounter with marijuana as well as Prince Harry, the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II. That is because they understood how beneficial the plant was. Queen Elizabeth I, went ahead to allow farmers to grow some cannabis in their farms. That is long before people knew how to make cannabis chocolates at home. The fact is among the rarest that most people know.

While Queen Victoria used to cannabis plants to soothe her menstrual pains, Queen Elizabeth I used it as a starter for parties. In modern society, people have come up with many and fully functional creative cannabis ideas to spice out your party that you cannot fail to try.

Those are so far some of the most surprising facts about cannabis plants that you had no idea they existed. They are great facts to show people you know more about pot. While others are trying to figure out what is the best way to store cannabis, others are researching its additional benefits. That is how widespread the plant is. Many people are currently using the plant in different ways, and that is thanks to the enormous advantage of the cannabis plant.

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