12 of the Most Beautiful Places in New England

12 of the Most Beautiful Places in New England
12 of the Most Beautiful Places in New England
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The Northern East Coast isn’t just known for its delicious seafood (it’s truly scrumptious), but it’s also unbelievably breathtaking. Below, you’ll find some of the most beautiful places in New England that you should see as soon as possible. You won’t regret taking a day off work and making it a long weekend full of exploration and beauty.

New England Nature

1. White Mountains, New Hampshire

Covering a quarter of New Hampshire, the White Mountains are a major symbol of the state, and for good reason. The white capped mountains are often paired with the beautiful foliage of the forests below—check it out in the fall for ultimate beauty.

2. Green Mountains, Vermont

Did you know that Vermont comes from the French words “vert” and “mont,” which mean green and mountain respectively? The Green Mountains are an absolute glorious way to take in the immense natural beauty of Vermont—it’s perfect throughout all seasons.

3. Wadsworth Falls State Park, Connecticut

If you want to see stunning waterfalls on the East Coast, the Wadsworth Falls and Little Falls are something to admire. There’s 285 acres of trails that lead to places you can swim and picnick at, so you can definitely spend a day here.

4. Natural Bridge State Park, Massachusetts

You can’t find this anywhere else in North America—the only naturally formed white marble arch. This natural bridge is made of 550-million-year-old bedrock marble and is absolutely incredible to see up close.

5. Acadia National Park, Maine

The oldest national park east of the Mississippi River, Acadia National Park teems with plant biodiversity—meaning it’s breathtaking all year long. Come for the islands, the mountains, or the lakes—the list of places to see goes on and on.

6. Mohegan Bluffs, Rhode Island

The large clay cliffs of Block Island, Rhode Island are some of the most beautiful we’ve seen. They rise about 200 feet above the sea and stretch for miles—they’re ideal for leisurely nature walks.

New England Small Towns

7. Newport, Rhode Island

There are so many reasons to love Newport, and part of it has to do with the immense amount of rich history found everywhere on the island. The mansions, specifically, are a big attraction for tourists and locals alike; beauty is in abundance on this island.

8. Camden, Maine

Angelic harbor views, well-preserved Victorian mansions, and rolling landscapes are just a few of the reasons why Camden is consistently considered one of the most breathtaking towns in New England. Come in the fall to get the postcard-perfect beauty and atmosphere the town sustains.

9. Rockport, Massachusetts

Rockport is a pleasant and unforgettable seaside town surrounded on three sides by the Atlantic Ocean—if you want ocean views, there’s an endless supply here. Not many places fully capture the essence of a New England coastal town, but Rockport nails it.

10. Greenwich, Connecticut

Once named among the best places to live in the U.S., Greenwich is as relaxing as it is beautiful. It’s gorgeous all year round, and it continues to capture the hearts of many with the lovely mansions, beaches, and enchanting atmosphere. It’s hard not to stay here forever.

11. Woodstock, Vermont

Woodstock is where you’ll find picture-perfect fall and winter scenes. No matter what season you visit, there is something to do, see, and admire. Of course, if you come, you have to take a trip to the Middle Bridge—the most-photographed covered bridge in New England.

12. Keene, New Hampshire

This darling town is sure to win your heart just like it has for numerous other visitors who fell in love with it. Old brick streets, maple syrup farms, covered bridges, nature preserves, and more—beauty spills from every nook and cranny of this town.

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Written by Mallory Knee

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