Summer Drinks That Are Probiotics

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Sometimes, the summer days are so sweltering that you don’t want to eat anything substantial. Fortunately, smoothies fully count as a meal and can be filled with healthy ingredients. Here, we’ve compiled our favorite gut-friendly beverages that double as probiotics and will keep you fresh through the most intense heat. Here are nine cooling summer drinks that are probiotics.

Healthy Mango Smoothie

This probiotic mango smoothie reminds us of a Lassi – this fruit is infused with yogurt and sweet creaminess. Even better, it’s filled with fiber and natural probiotics, making it a must for your intestines. Mango is also a powerhouse for your brain. Top it with granola for a crunchy treat before sipping.

Green Goddess Kombucha

A green drink merges with kombucha for sparkling deliciousness, packed with nutrients and probiotics. Fortified with moringa, this tasty juice is jam-packed with ginger, kiwi, and spinach. There are two stages of fermentation, so it’s not as fast to whip up as some of the other options on this list, but a homemade kombucha is worth the wait.

Probiotic-Rich Cherry Smoothie

Cherry, limes, bananas, and yogurt merge here – the perfect marriage of tangy, sweet, tart, and velvety flavors are sitting on your tastebuds. For this Probiotic-rich cherry smoothie, you only need frozen cherries for this recipe, but we suggest using fresh ones. The color itself is mesmerizing, and once you nail the proportions, you won’t be able to stop making this.

Mango Berry Smoothie

This smoothie is pretty in pink – perfect for making a large batch for the girls. Not only is it perfectly Insta-worthy, but the coconut yogurt probiotics will make your body feel as light as air. If you can’t find a probiotic yogurt, the author suggests pouring the inside of a probiotic capsule in.

Apple Ginger Kombucha

This detoxifying kombucha will wake you up in the best way possible. It blends the right level of carbonation with apple and ginger, and finishes things off with an unusual but genius topping: dried apple rings! When it’s time to drink, strain this out if you want, but we’re eating ours!

 Mojito Smoothie

Mojitos are, without a doubt, a luxurious embodiment of summer, but it’s often filled with sugar, and cocktails don’t stabilize your tummy troubles the way a healthy probiotic can. Instead, get the taste of all that minty lime goodness, swapping out rum for some greek yogurt.

Probiotic Sparkling Apple Juice

Sparkling probiotics apple juice is the ultimate way to feel fancy if you don’t want to indulge in champagne. This version is made using a unique water kefir recipe, which is then mixed with apple juice and left out in direct sunlight. Twenty-four hours later, enjoy that bubbly!

Turmeric Soda

Turmeric is often added into food for some coloring and extra health benefits, but this is an interpretation we haven’t seen before. DIY Turmeric soda is made with just turmeric, sugar, and water. You can e experiment with different flavors as the creator recommends.

Creamy Carrot Smoothie

If you want a happy tummy and frequently deal with constipation or skin problems, this naturally sweet carrot smoothie is filled with cinnamon, prunes, banana, and walnut, with just a hint of vanilla. The low calories concoction has already snagged a few five-star reviews, so we can’t wait to try it.

Including probiotics into your foods will help accomplish balance in your digestive system by promoting a healthy gut. 

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