Delicious Healthy Foods You Didn’t Know Were Healthy

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When most people think of dieting or picking up a healthy eating habit things that usually comes to mind are a never-ending stream of flavorless meals that seems to be boring, not delicious, and just plain unappetizing. But fortunately, that’s not the case at all.

There are some very well-known healthy foods that everyone knows. But some foods might be more enriched with food value than your expectation. Here are five delicious healthy foods you didn’t know were healthy.

Whole Grain Pasta as Healthy Foods

The nutrition value of the whole grain pasta is much richer than multigrain pasta. It has far more fiber and nutrients (like iron and protein) than the usual semolina type. When eaten with some restraint, pasta can be a part of a smart eating routine.

Whole grain pasta has a stigma that it tastes terrible. And it will taste not good if you don’t know what you are doing. For example, some whole-grain pasta (especially the whole-wheat kinds) has a nutty flavor that doesn’t go well with the taste of tomato sauce. When it comes to the taste, what matters is what you put on the pasta – not the pasta itself.



Although eggs have a bad reputation for being a high cholesterol food, the depiction doesn’t give shoppers the full story.

Nutritionists presently have realized that dietary cholesterol and blood level cholesterol have altogether different impacts on the body, and an ongoing logical investigation even demonstrated that eating entire eggs appeared to expand the degree of good (HDL) cholesterol in the body.

Furthermore, eggs (and egg yolks explicitly) are outstanding amongst other food wellsprings of the B-complex nutrient choline, which is thought to decrease aggravation in the body and improve neurological turn of events and capacity.



On account of its high fiber content, popcorn beats out all competitors as one of the most filling low-calorie snacks. Even though there are just 31 calories in 1 cup (8 grams) of air-popped popcorn, it brags 1.2 grams of dietary fiber — up to 5% of your day-by-day fiber needs.

Popcorn can keep the blood sugar at a constant level to suppress hunger and cravings.

Be that as it may, remember that these advantages apply to air-popped popcorn. Most of the ready-made popcorns are processed with a ton of unhealthy fats, artificial flavorings, and included salt or sugar, which significantly increase the calorie content.


Mushrooms don’t merely add flavor to sautéed food; they’re likewise low in calories and an excellent source of the disease battling mineral, selenium.

Also, these modest plants are the most elevated vegan wellspring of nutrient D, and they’re high in copper and potassium, supplements required for typical heart cadence, nerve capacity, and red platelet creation.

Mushrooms cook instantly and pair similarly well with veggie-lover, vegetarian, or substantial suppers. Cut them onto sandwiches or into plates of mixed greens, or put them in any formula that could utilize an increasingly gripping surface.


Greek Yogurt

There are very few foods in the world as healthy as Greek yogurt. It has a creamy texture that is packed with nutrients. It can even help you to lose weight.

Greek yogurt contains probiotics, vitamin b12, potassium, and Iodine. All of these are not only essential but also a necessity to keep our bodies in peak condition.

Adding greek yogurt to your diet is a great way to boost your protein level without consuming dense food like meat. It can be used as toppings on other food. Instead of sour cream, you can use it on chili or baked potatoes.

With a creamy and thicker texture, It has a flavor that is applicable for not only sweet but also great food choices.

Healthy foods or a smart diet implies eating an assortment of nourishments that give you the supplements you have to keep up your wellbeing, feel better, and have vitality. These supplements incorporate protein, sugars, fat, water, nutrients, and minerals.

Although all the foods on this list have every property of healthy food, establishing an eating pattern with appropriate calorie intake is essential.

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Written by Amanda Howard

Amanda Howard, a LA native, is one of Dine Magazine's writers with a focus on food, wellness, and parenting . When she's not busy being a mom she focuses her time on writing and taking long hikes.

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