Top 6 Tips for Good Health and Wellbeing in 2021

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This year has shown us that things can get unpredictable and cause chaos regardless of country, class, or language. People all over the globe have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, and even though we still don’t know the final impact on our health and wellbeing, it’s safe to say that things will never be the same.

However, if there is one thing that we should all learn from this, is the importance of personal health and wellbeing. Because, only when we’re strong and healthy, we’re able to face all the uncertainty and everything that comes out of it. 

Therefore, if there is anything you’d wish to take from this year, it’s the fact that caring for your health should be your priority. So, here are the top 6 tips for good health and wellbeing in 2021 that will motivate you further. 

Investing in Your Health and Wellbeing Is Investing in Yourself

Once you decide to take better care of your health, you’ll realize that you’re actually investing in yourself and your future. Unfortunately, many people start to realize that only when they’re sick, and then, it’s often too late. To avoid such things, make sure to get regular health checkups from your doctor, at least once a year. That will provide you with enough time to treat any eventual problem. 

Nurturing Your Mental Health Is Also an Important

In the past few months, many people experienced anxiety, depression, and trauma, due to changes related to the pandemic. So, investing in your mental health is a great gift that you could give to yourself. If you learn to be grounded and assess your situation without panic and fear, you’ll feel much better with future events. 

Similarly, if this year has drained you, talking to a mental health professional can alleviate your issues and help you get back on track. If you’re looking to adopt some positive habits that can be healing to your mind, feel free to try meditation, yoga, journaling, or spending time in nature.

Learning Can Be of Great Help 

Modern life can be unpredictable and sometimes downright chaotic, and 2020 has certainly made that point very clear. Therefore, having some emergency skills can be of great aid both for your career prospects and those close to you. If you’re a parent or work in childcare, you’ll feel more assured if you know how to provide CPR and deal with other life-threatening emergencies. Plus, when you learn how PALS drug algorithms work and how to implement them, you’ll have a real, actionable skillset. Knowing how to save a life and preserve health is incredibly important and surely a great investment toward a better future.

Positive Acts Will Keep You Grounded

Living through these turbulent times can be anxiety-inducing, that’s for sure. But, if you dedicate some time trying to make yourself grow, you’ll learn that doing positive things can also affect your health and wellbeing in a good way. Exercising, eating healthily, taking your meds and supplements are all good things that actually serve you and your well-being. 

If you’ve been laid off from work, and you haven’t decided to look for another one yet, then use that time to take care of yourself and invest in your own future. You’ll feel better knowing that, there are some things, that are always under control.

Remember That Rest Is Okay To 

For some cultures, rest is seen as a shameful sign of laziness, while in others, it’s considered as a universal human right. So if you’ve been spending a lot of hours at work, this year could teach you the importance of relaxation. You deserve to take a break and do something enjoyable that isn’t related to your place of work. Reading, watching movies, running, cooking, or just taking a nap are all joyful activities that promote your health so feel free to do them regularly. 

You Will Acquire a Sense of Purpose

Sometimes, we all come to the point in life when we feel a little aimless, and if you feel like that right now, no one blames you. But, once you decide to start investing in your well-being, you’ll see that it will also give you a sense of purpose. You’ll be given a mission of sorts, because, being able to take care of yourself, will also make you a stronger, and thus, more helpful member of your community. And being able to serve your community is a huge advantage in this tumultuous period. 


These steps are important if you want to get your life in order and enter the year 2021 feeling stronger and more empowered. Additionally, remembering to stay grounded and grateful will be of great use, as you’ll be able to face reality, and subsequently, help yourself and those around you. 

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Written by Sophia Smith

Sophia Smith is beauty and lifestyle blogger, graphic designer and a food enthusiast. She is very passionate about eco-friendly and green topics, sustainable fashion, eco beauty, and conscious business. Sophia's other hobbies centre around her love for yoga, wellness rituals and living in balance with nature. She loves sharing meaningful content that inspires people and has covered topics ranging from organic beauty products and sustainability to self-care and mental health.

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