Vote For Your Favourite Poutine During La Poutine Week

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This year, La Poutine Week returns for its 7th year. In this contest, you can vote for your favourite poutine across Canada on La Poutine Week’s website from February 1-7. Presented by KINGSEY Cheese and delivered by GOLO, the event also features various Canadian restaurants making special poutines. In addition, poutine lovers get a chance to discover these yummy works of art and vote for their favourite ones.

Poutine Week

Where Poutine Lovers Go to Vote 

This flagship event is now taking place worldwide, with hundreds of restaurants participating and tens of thousands of poutine lovers voting for their favourite dish!

La Poutine Week is a friendly competition, which encourages poutine-based creativity and innovation. Also, it enables people to discover new restaurants and chefs.

The results for the vote are announced at the end of the week. This is after the votes have been carefully looked over.


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The 2019 Menu

As the world’s largest poutine festival, La Poutine Week is also expanding to Toronto, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Regina, and many other locations around the world. In 2018, seafood poutine and fried-chicken poutine were the fan favourites – 2019 should bring even more creative ideas!

Don’t forget to vote in La Poutine Week the first week of February.

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