The Best Coffee Shops in Yorkville

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Ever since moving to Toronto, Yorkville has been known in my mind mainly as a ritzy residential neighbourhood with the most high end shopping in the city. As I’ve visited the neighbourhood more, I’ve come to discover that it’s actually home to some of the most charming coffee shops in Toronto. Below is a short list of some of my favourites.


Handcrafted beverages, homemade pastries, and a warm, cozy atmosphere are what you get with Goldstruck. Located on Cumberland, this Yorkville coffee shop is one of the most popular in the area. Its industrial chic vibe complete with Edison light bulbs instantly warms and relaxes its patrons.

The setup is long and narrow with a mixture of smaller round tables built for groups of 1-2 and larger rectangular tables in back, with limited bar seating along the window. Their extensive menu ranges from espresso-based drinks such as a Flat White and a Cortado to Cold Brew and V60 Pour Over.

To go with your quality cup of Joe, they have an assortment of goodies, including classic butter tarts, sea salt chocolate chip cookies, croissant sandwiches, and pain au chocolat. Rounding out the reasons I love this Yorkville gem: their to-go coffee cups. I’m a sucker for a stamped coffee cup and Goldstruck’s is one of the best in Toronto.

5 Elements Coffee & Espresso Bar

5 Elements is one of the first coffee shops I fell in love with in the city. I loved it for a number of reasons, namely that it was spacious, bright, had a strong WiFi connection, and excellent service. But also because it introduced me to one of my favourite baked goods in the city: the cheddar chive scone (more on that later). 5 Elements is tucked away at the corner of Avenue Road and Webster. It is perfect for families, students, and friends alike, and we usually see a mix of patrons in this hip café at all times. Known for their Instagrammable latte art, you can’t go wrong with any of the organic espresso-based drinks on their menu or their loose leaf teas (they have an entire chest of Sloane Fine Tea).

Beyond their delicious coffee and array of tea, this independent café happens to serve the city’s best scone. Scones are baked fresh daily, but get them while they’re hot because they sell out fast. Flavours vary but the most common are blueberry and cheddar chive (the latter of which was once described by my friend as “life-changing”). If you’re after something more filling than a scone, they also have an entire selection of raw, vegan, and gluten-free energy balls and protein cookies, as well as a range of sandwiches, wraps, and salads.

Sorry Coffee Co.

Yorkville’s Sorry Coffee Co. might be small, but what it lacks in space it makes up for in excellent coffee. This independent café is nestled in the back of the Kit & Ace store off of Bloor Street (there is a second, more direct entrance off of Critchley Lane). An Instagram lover’s paradise, Sorry is definitely the most aesthetically pleasing coffee shop on this list, with its marble countertops, copper appliances, acrylic menu, geometric light fixtures, and of course, its cup art. This Yorkville coffee enclave is known for their ever-changing cup art.

Every few months, they partner with a different local artist to develop a new graphic to be stamped on their to-go cups. Fresh baked goods are currently made by local bakery, Motherdough Mill, and range from croissants and Danishes to muffins and scones, with vegan and gluten-free options available.

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Written by Emily Southey

Emily Southey is a freelance writer from Toronto and it was during her time studying History and English that she became interested in writing. When she's not working, you can typically find her in a museum, baking cupcakes, or watching Disney musicals.

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