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Asian Salad

Thai Spicy Duck Salad Recipe

Smoked Peppered Duck from King Cole Ducks pairs beautifully with this Asian-inspired Salad. Pomegranate, mango, red chilli, cilantro and roasted cashews tossed in a tangy lime, ginger and soy vinaigrette. INGREDIENTS: Dressing ¾ cup (175 mL)...
The Majestic Sabich

Meatless Monday Recipe: Sabich

Oh, we got a good one for you today... I'm sure everyone here has eaten, or at least heard of Falafel and Shawarma. But Sabich is Israel's well-kept street food secret. During my time...
baru seeds

The Buzz on Baru Seeds

Deep in Cerrado, the Brazilian Savanna, you will find baru trees. While greatly threatened by deforestation, determined efforts are being made for the preservation of these trees as their seeds are trending on the...

Heat Up, Clothes Off

How do you get in the holiday spirit? Trim the tree? Hang stockings? Roast a turkey perhaps? The Christmas season is filled with flavourful comfort foods and smooth savoury drinks. It can be great fun...

The Culinary Road to 4/20: Getting Started With Cannabutter

Before we get to our cannabutter, a short history lesson... The origin story of 4/20 was cloaked in urban legends for a long time. First, it was wrongly attributed to a police code, then...
Sugar syrup in glass bowl

How to Make Simple Syrup for Coffee

If you are an avid iced coffee drinker who likes it a little on the sweet side, you may have heard of simple syrup. It’s the difference between getting a mouthful of grainy sugar...

Hot! Hot! Hot Chocolate

Rich, creamy, smooth… Chocolate. Dark velvet slipping down your throat. Sweet cocoa wafting under your nose. A cup of comfort, of warmth, of irresistible Hot Chocolate. A Holiday Recipe When the holidays come to town, there is no better beverage than a...
Bowl of Gazpacho

Traditional Andalucian Gazpacho Recipe

Do you want an easy, refreshing and fast recipe for your summer? There is no better recipe than Andalucian Gazpacho. Gazpacho is the quintessential seasonal summer soup because all of the ingredients are at...

Brussels Sprout Chips

Brussels sprouts are one of those foods that people either love or hate. I happen to love them, and one of my favourite healthier snacks to make is my mother’s gluten-free Brussels Sprout Chips...
Holding fresh oysters

The Oyster

Lying icy-cool-naked in their clear, briny liquor are a half-dozen, topless, living, breathing, marine bivalve mollusks, shivering at a citrusy squirt of lemon – ready to pleasure an oyster lover. Lift one to your...

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