The Happy Place

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November is cold, grey and dismal. It can be hard to find joy in the streets of Toronto. Or worse still, a great location for an Instagram photo op!

Summer is, of course, the best time of year for outstanding Instagram pictures. Showing off in shorts on the boardwalk, sipping margaritas on the patio, and roaming around lush gardens full of vibrant blossoms! Every inch of the city becomes the perfect backdrop for a photograph. But in between the peak of Fall colours and the dazzling brilliance of Christmas snow, there really isn’t much to satisfy your needs for Instagram worthy photos. Trees are bare, skies are cloudy, and all around the streets of Toronto, sights begin to seem dull.

You can’t alter Mother Nature’s designs. But you can change your location. And it’s much closer to home than you might imagine.

Escape the dreary outside world of Winter and come into The Happy Place!


From November 1st until January 1st you can wander a realm of pure joy. A land of unending sunshine. A hub of happiness. Located on 245 Queens Quay West, right across from the Amsterdam BrewHouse, this pop-up playhouse provides guests with a sunny experience!

The Happy Place is an immersive Museum with a series of funky and fun themed installations you can jump right into! This is not your average Museum. No mummies or Medieval artifacts here. The Happy Place is purely for photographs. It’s a site designed to “brighten up your Instagram feed.” Inside you will find 20,000 square feet of good vibes and elaborate interactive artworks.

When you walk through the banana yellow doors of the Queens Quay pop-up, your journey of joy begins!


Thirteen rooms to wander and relish. Bring a camera, or cell phone with great storage – you’ll want to capture every corner, crack and crevasse – and of course, bring a friend. The Happy Place is best enjoyed with the people you love that make you laugh (and share your enthusiasm for Instagram).


Classic hits and trending tunes of the ultimate feel-good songs play, as you walk through midnight gardens of hanging marigolds and climb into 7-feet tall stilettos. Twirl and twist your way through a jungle of hanging white chains, and bob your head to the beat of Red Red Wine. Shake it Off with Swift on the speakers, as you slip into a lemon yellow tub surrounded by an army of smiling rubber ducks. Dance your way around a giant snow-globe filled with confetti as The Monkees strum along to I’m a Believer.

Bright blues, chipper greens, radiant reds and glitter, glitter, glitter surround you! This over the top, fanciful rainbow world is the best way to boost your mood when skies are grey. Take your Instagram followers on a trip to happy town – where the sights are extraordinary and the atmosphere is sunny.


Tickets are sold online and at the door upon arrival.

So hurry up before they’re gone! Come on in and capture the happiness.




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Written by Jennifer Gault

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