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New and exciting recipes are being created all the time. We discover them–and invite you to taste them with us. Flavours abound from around the world. Cook to impress, and share your thoughts.

Ungava Bees Knees

Spicy Jamaican Lemonade

We called her Sexy Lexy. An exotic creature who came to our Manitoba town from Paris one summer. She knew everything there was to know about beauty. She always took lemons to the beach....
Backroads & Country Cooking, Sara Waxman

Paper Bag Purple Plum Pie

This pie made from summer ripe plums can light up your dessert table and leave your oven spotless. Filling 4 cups fresh purple plum halved and pitted 1 tablespoon lemon juice ½ cup of sugar ¼ cup all-purpose flour ¼...
Trout Almondine

Pelee Island Trout Almondine

“It’s cold up in Canada. Where’s your south?” a Hollywood actress asked me. I answered that Canada spread in only three directions mostly north, then fairly equally east and west. Today, I would answer that...

Sunday Brunch Apple Cake

Spy, Empire, Cortland, Melba, Jersey Mac, Wealthy, Quinte, Lodi, Macintosh, Red and Golden Delicious and many more: Luscious apples are available all year round. Apple trees live a long time. In the early 1900s,...

Heat Up, Clothes Off

How do you get in the holiday spirit? Trim the tree? Hang stockings? Roast a turkey perhaps? The Christmas season is filled with flavourful comfort foods and smooth savoury drinks. It can be great fun...

Ice Ice Baby… Three Ingredient Vegan Ice Cream

All right stop. Let’s serve the sweets. Ice cream is the ultimate frozen dessert. Sweet, smooth and oh so satisfying! But dairy-fat and added sugars make this icy treat a little less than desirable. Luckily, there...

BYOB: Bring Your Own Baking

The Holidays are here! That means overtime in the kitchen with the oven on full blast. It’s a dizzying race to recover old family recipes, and hunt for new ones in cookbooks and online. Traditional...
King's Wife's Cookbook, Sara Waxman

My Love Affair With Cookbooks Goes On And On

Early in my marriage, after I had been cooking my heart out for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day for months, using Mom’s recipes, my husband said, “Don’t bother cooking, let’s just grab a...
cocoa smoothie

Crazy for Cocoa Smoothies

Morning’s are better with a bit of chocolate. Oatmeal may seem like the healthier option, but believe it or not, cocoa powder is packed with health benefits of its own. Rich in antioxidants, this decadent...
Grey Goose Holiday Apple Cider

Holiday Cocktails

A few ideas to spice up the holiday cocktail season... Grey Goose Holiday Apple Cider - The perfect cold weather sip for any occasion. Ingredients: 1 Part GREY GOOSE Vodka 3 parts Apple Cider 1/8 part...

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