You Can’t Miss This Coffee and Tea Expo In Toronto!

Are you someone who can’t get your day started without your morning coffee or tea? If so, then I’m talking to you specifically, because I have some great news to share. Toronto’s annual two-day Toronto Coffee and Tea Expo is returning, and this time around, it’s going to be held at CF Don Mills.

Between May 4th and 5th, on-goers will have the opportunity to explore various vendors, try endless samples, which can also be paired with sweet treats that will be at specific stalls, and even learn some secrets from the trade. This time around, the expo is even offering workshops and classes such as TIY – tea it yourself and “how to be a barista”.

Now, I know what some of you may be thinking and that is you’re a stickler when it comes to your morning fix, but hear me out, the Coffee and Tea Expo is a great opportunity to sample literally dozens of different types of coffees and teas without having to make a commitment. Who knows, you may even end up liking one or two new flavours that you’ve never tried before, and you may just end up taking them home with you. So why not give it a try? Tickets are only for $18.39 and if anything else, this is a fun way to spend a weekend. You won’t want to miss it! 

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Neha Lobana
Neha Lobana is a freelance writer and former journalist in Toronto who recently made the switch to pursue a career in corporate affairs and communications. During her spare time you can find her reading, hiking or exploring new places.