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Yoga and Cannabis

Cannabis and Yoga
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Depending on what kind of yoga you do, the practice can help rejuvenate or soothe the system. Some folks are invigorated by more aerobic styles of yoga, such as kundalini, Bikram, or vinyasa. In contrast, yin and restorative yoga feature a more laid back energy. Either way, we know that yoga is improved ten-fold when done stoned. Ancient yogis have often integrated yoga moves enhanced by cannabis in their practices, but rather than smoking it, they would consume it in a beverage or burn it as incense, creating a massive hotbox of a contact high.

There’s something about pairing yoga with cannabis that lets you reach a higher plane of introspection and awareness of both mind and body while staying connected to the earth. There’s another thing that yoga and cannabis have something in common – they both help us seek out our most authentic selves, and reach a better space of self-love.

We suggest choosing an evenly balanced hybrid, or perhaps a more Sativa dominant strain if your practice is more active and cardio-based. From vast stretches to sweaty sequences, here are our favorite 6 yoga moves enhanced by cannabis.

Mountain Pose
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Start in mountain pose by standing at the front of your mat with hands in prayer at your heart. As you inhale, bring the arms out to the side and up towards the ceiling so that the palms join with arms lifted over the head. This move is the first part of sun salutation, a multi-step sequence that’s is a big part of many vinyasa flows, and is often completed as a warmup.

Standing Forward Fold

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Photo: Elly Fairytale/Pexels

Also known as Uttasana, the standing forward fold is a fantastic pose to start your wake and bake sessions. This move wakes up the backs of the legs and helps clear mental clutter. Either ground yourself with hands grabbing the ends of ankles, or palms on the floor. As you inhale, lengthen the torso, as you exhale, try to go forward a little more.

Cat to Cow


For Cat to Cow, start on hands and knees, or tabletop. As you inhale, arch your back like a cat and point your head towards the ceiling. Hold for several seconds. As you exhale, curve the spine and engage the core, tuckering your chin with the head turned downwards. This is pure pleasure for the spine and can be finished off with a child’s pose to help open up the hips further.

Downward-Facing Dog

woman in downward dog pose 3822118Photo: Elly Fairytale/Pexels

To stretch out the hammies and calves, try the downward-facing dog. Come to hands and knees with wrists under shoulders and knees under hips. Curling the toes under, push up to lift your hips and straighten the legs, spreading weight through the fingertips. Sink heels towards the ground and engages quads, so you’re not pushing all bodyweight into the arms.

Happy Baby

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Photo: Yoga Journal

The happy baby move opens up the hips, but when you’re stoned, it also takes you back to childhood in the best way possible. Start by lying on your back and bending knees into the stomach. Then, hold onto the outsides of your feet, using a belt looped onto soles if you need assistance. Open knees wider than your trunk and up towards the armpit. Keep ankles over knees with flexed heels. Rock back and forth if you desire.

Camel Pose

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Photo: Yoga Journal 

Otherwise referred to as Ustrasana, the camel pose is an energizing backbend that opens up the front body – especially quads, shoulders, and chest. Start by kneeling, and bringing back one arm at a time, swimming the left one back to grab your left heel, and then do the same on the right side, letting your right hand find the heel.

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