Wine Tasting Outfit Ideas

wine tasting outfits 03
wine tasting outfits 03
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Nothing beats a day sipping wine with friends. Wine tasting has grown in popularity over the past few decades, and now represents a great activity that is both entertaining and educational. Whether you’re heading out on a date or an afternoon with friends, you’ll want to look your best. Here is an overview of what kinds of conditions you should prepare for, along with our tips for the top wine tasting outfit ideas.

Winery and Vineyard Overview

Before we get into outfit ideas to wear, let’s spend a little bit of time going over the conditions you’ll face at a typical vineyard. Whether tasting wines in Bordeaux or Napa, there are a few consistencies you’ll find.

Varying Weather

Regardless of the season, vineyards are typically located in areas where it gets hot during the day. Grapes need heat to fully ripen and mature, they also require cool mornings and chilly nights. It’s the thermal amplitude of hot weather during the day followed by cool evenings that enable them to turn into such great wine. Many grape varietals also require cool mornings and chilly nights. For example, the Pinot Noir grape loves hot days and cool nights and does even better with fog and moisture. This means that your outfit needs to be able to withstand a variety of weather conditions.


Wine Tasting Outfit Ideas


Dust and Dirt

If you’re making your way out to the vineyard for your tasting, then you’ll encounter dust and dirt. While some larger companies have tasting rooms in central locations, much of the charm of trying the wine is doing so at its source. Avoid white colours or any outfits that easily show dirt. Focus on matching your outfit selection with a style that works well in an outdoor setting.

Exposed Scenery

Wineries often sit on open terrain, with exposed hillsides ideal for absorbing the elements. Beautiful vistas and views are common. Expect bright sun during the day, and come equipped with your sunglasses. You might experience a little bit of wind, so make sure any skirt or dress is ready to handle a breeze. A maxi dress is a great choice for these conditions, or opt for a trendy romper to avoid the hassle all together.


Wine Tasting Outfit Ideas


Wine Tasting Outfit Ideas

Now that you know the typical conditions you will encounter during your visit, let’s go through the best tasting outfits. These suggestions and tips will allow you to find the right tops, bottoms, shoes, and accessories in your closet so you can look your best.

Be Comfortable

For starters, make sure your outfit choice is extremely comfortable. You’ll be driving down bumpy dirt roads, getting tossed about in the car. You’ll be exposed to heat and cold, perhaps all in the same day. You’ll be sitting on uncomfortable stools or standing at a bar for a long time.

All of this necessitates a comfortable outfit. For starters, pick comfortable shoes. If you can handle heels all day, then by all means go for it. Otherwise, choose a shoe that you don’t mind standing in for long periods of time.

Open, flow-y tops are both cute and comfortable. During summer, mix and match a bralette with an oversized blouse, and try tucking it into jeans or shorts. Opt for a comfortable, all purpose bra that gives you shape under the looser tops.

Your wine tasting outfit needs to be classy and cute, but it also needs to be comfortable. If you go too far down the classy route and don’t focus enough on comfort, chances are you’ll be uncomfortable.

Denim Always Works

When in doubt, denim is always a good choice for a wine tasting outfit. Whether you stick with a classic pair of jeans or choose a jean jacket, denim looks great and works well at a vineyard.

Vineyards tend to be more rugged, and denim always appeals to that look and feel. Plus, jeans are durable, which is great to have in your outfit while you’re taking on the dust that can come from tasting wine at a hard-to-find winery.

Wine country is casual. While wine promotes a nicer experience than, say, beer, it is still a casual environment. Denim matches the feel of a vineyard perfectly and is a great base for your tasting outfit.


Wine Tasting Outfit Ideas


Layer Up

Your outfit needs to be prepared for hot, cold, wind and even rain. Warm days and cool evenings are common. Vineyards often sit on exposed hillsides, promoting windy conditions. In summer, the occasional thunderstorm might appear in the afternoon, and rain is not uncommon during all other seasons.

Be prepared by layering up. Start with your base outfit, which you should plan on being suitable for an 80-90 degree sunny day. Build your layers from there, adding in a sweater or light jacket suitable for a chilly but balmy evening.

Keep a windbreaker or jacket in the car in case of rain or moisture. Because wineries are casual and outdoors, you can bring outdoor-wear like fleece. Don’t overthink your outfit, as comfort and layers are more important than looking sophisticated.



Think Classy

Above all else, classy always looks great as a wine tasting outfit selection. Wine, in and of itself, promotes a sophisticated look and feel and is enjoyed with good food and good company. Comfort will always reign supreme, but if you can do it in a classy way, then more power to you. Sometimes it’s best to mix casual with classy and mix and match your outfit choice. Jeans with a classy top is one great way to do this.


Avoid Perfumes

If you’re new to wine tasting, it’s really all about leveraging your sense of smell. You’ll be spending a lot of time with your nose in a wine glass, trying to put a word to what you’re smelling and identifying different flavours that you pick up. Perfume gets in the way of being able to do this. Not that it’s a competition or anything, but your ability to distinguish different properties in the wine will be impeded. Skip the perfume and other scents and you’ll enjoy the wine that much more.

Wine Tasting Outfits


Closing Thoughts

Wine tasting is a great activity to enjoy with family and friends while flaunting your style and fashion. Focus on finding a good wine tasting outfit that maximizes comfort while still looking your best. Classy outfits always work, and when you’re in a pinch, use denim as your base. Enjoy your tasting!


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