Why You Should Visit Vancouver’s Catfe

This catfe is as purrfect as it gets.

Vancouver's Catfe
photo credit: @catfe_vancouver

Since its opening three years ago, Vancouver’s Cat Cafe, Catfe, has become an enormous success — going as far as to attract superstar Adele at one point. Here are some reasons why you should visit this catfe

1. Because You Love Cats (Obviously.)

The business that serves up coffee and cuddles partners with rescue organizations including the BC SPCA, to assist in adopting out cats searching for their fur-ever home.

The Catfe is ideal for those whose apartment buildings or current living situations do not permit cats or other pets.

Located in downtown Vancouver, the Catfe is a temporary foster environment for rescue cats as well as a welcoming location for cat lovers who are craving a quality kitty connection.

One of the country’s first cat cafes, Catfe has amazingly found homes for nearly 700 cats since opening in December 2015.

Now THAT deserves a round of a-PAWS! 

2. You Love to Support Organizations with a Conscience.

Catfe is open Friday through Wednesday from 11 am to 9 pm. However, spaces fill up fast, and it is suggested that you book in advance by making a reservation online through their website. Adopted cats are taken home on Thursdays, and new ones from the SPCA take their place. On Thursday nights the Catfe hosts an adults only, quiet night session to acclimate new cats.  

Only a limited amount of people are allowed in the room at one time so as not to overwhelm the cats.

Admission, which covers overhead and staff salaries, is only $8 and is lessened to $5 if you order from the cafe.

The SPCA provides cat food, litter, adoption matching and health care as well as trains the staff. They also supply the most essential thing: the cats!

This space is ideal for both social and more independent felines because it provides enough space and all sorts of hiding spots and cubby holes for cats who need to take a break and have some alone time. 


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Catfe is growing up! As of April 30, 2019, we are now partnered with multiple cat rescues and shelters in BC – which means we will be able to help more cats finds homes! There are so many individuals out there making a difference in the lives of helpless animals through fostering, TNR, and countless volunteer hours, and we’re so excited about this opportunity to support more of BC’s cat community. 🐾 Leaving on a pawsitive note with 661 adoptions under our belt (which includes a couple @rabbitatsrescue bunnies!), we will no longer be a satellite adoption centre for the @bcspca. We are so grateful for everything we’ve learned over the past few years under their mentorship, and deeply respect the hard work they do helping so many of the animals in our province. 😻 The first cats to arrive this month come to us from @laps_bc in Langley, @heartandsouldogandcatrescue in Abbotsford and #chilliwackanimalsafehaven. 🐈🐈🐈 Adoptions will still take place through Catfe, as before. If you are interested in adopting one of the cats in our care, check out catfe.ca/currentcats (link in profile) and call 778-379-0060 to speak to a cat whisperer for more information!

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3. You’re All For The Concept of “Adopt, Don’t Shop.”

Every cat at Catfe is eligible for adoption.

Profiles on their personalities and backgrounds can be found both on the wall in the cafe itself, or on the business’ website so patrons can understand the needs of the specific animal regarding things such as if they would be suitable in a home with children or other cats/animals, etc.

Spanning in age from six months to as old as 15-years-old, the cats are social and ones who were not abused, and who are used to open spaces and socializing with people.

If you are looking for your purrfect feline friend, or if you just like hanging out with cats, Catfe provides a great atmosphere and fun and creative activity for any occasion.

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