Five Great Gluten-Free Restaurants in Toronto

Gluten-free vegan cupcake
Photo Courtesy of Bunner's

If you have celiac disease or you are on a gluten-free diet it can be difficult to find restaurants that are willing to present gluten-free options. Luckily there are a number of restaurants throughout the city that can accommodate a gluten free diet, while still serving world-class food. Here are some restaurants that have gluten-free options that also happen to be some of the best on the menu:

Kupfert and Kim: there are six locations across the city and almost every one of these restaurants offers meatless and gluten-free options on their menu. The idea of Kupfert and Kim has always been posed around the idea of sustainability and health. Their menu items offer a fantastic option for a quick lunch without worrying about restrictions.

Bunner’s: As a gluten-free and vegan restaurant, Bunner’s is known best for their cinnamon buns. If you are looking for excellent gluten-free desserts in Toronto this is a must stop bakery and restaurant.

Arepa: This café features a menu which is totally gluten-free and they’re known for their cornmeal pancake, which is stuffed with a variety of sandwich ingredients. There is also a massive selection of gluten-free cheese cake and cookies available on the dessert menu!

Feel Good Guru: This restaurant is all about serving raw and vegan ingredients which are gluten-free. Feel good Guru takes a spin on many of the top comfort foods and prepares them in vegan friendly and raw formats. You can find comfort food favorites like burgers, burritos and tacos which are all gluten free and designed for health.

Rawlicious: This restaurant started off as a cold pressed juice and smoothie company and have since grown to include menu items like pad Thai, brownies, milkshakes and quesadillas.



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