Where Are the Good Sushi Deals At?

Yamato Sushi
photo credit: @rufi_eats - Yamato Sushi

One of the difficulties in moving from Toronto to Vancouver is the lack of sushi deals. When I lived in Vancouve, I felt like I could find a sushi deal for under $10 on every block. Plus, it would always include miso soup and a salad. 

Sushi was my go-to meal on a budget. It felt cheaper than even making dinner, especially since I’m a terrible cook. Now, living in Toronto, sushi is more of a luxury and I still haven’t found that go-to affordable spot.

You might be thinking, “but the quality must be terrible!” You’d be surprised how good these sushi deals are for the price. Here are some of the best places in Vancouver.

Yamato Sushi

I’m not sure if the $5.95 deal still exists, but Yamato used to offer 24 pieces at this price. They still have various exceptional deals and a lot of variety.  

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Salmon Sashimi for lunch. #Vancouver

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This small spot is a staple on Commercial Drive. It’s also very popular for food delivery. They have a sushi special for $10.25 where you can pick three rolls of your choosing.

Shabusen (at lunch)

If you’ve lived in Vancouver for a while, then you probably know all about the famous all-you-can-eat sushi spot, Shabusen. This restaurant is popular with my entire family – my cousins have eaten their weight in sushi there. I would highly recommend checking it out at lunch time. From Monday to Friday, AYCE is only $18.50, or if you opt to BBQ your own meats, it’s $20.95. On weekends and holidays, it’s $20.95. The quality is good for the price, especially since you can order never ending amounts of sashimi.

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Sushi Nanaimo

Another East Van favourite, Sushi Nanaimo has various sushi combos priced under $10. Their roll combo which features a California roll, Dynamite roll, Tuna and Salmon roll is a popular option for only $7.95.

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