What’s for Supper? Meal Prep Ideas That’ll Actually Make You Excited to Cook

Don't let the stress of meal prepping keep you down. With these tips, you can have fun with your meal prep for the week.

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The weekend arrives and there’s nothing you want more than to relax. Maybe you want to let loose a little. There’s always a nagging thought in the back of your mind as soon as you leave work Friday afternoon: “I’ve got to prep my meals for next week.” That usually means Sunday afternoon is dedicated to this task, and any other plans go out the window. This is where the negative association and procrastination begins. To help keep my sanity and my interest piqued I try to change things up even just a little from week to week. Here are my favourite ways to keep things interesting.

The easiest way to keep things interesting when doing weekly meal prep is to switch up your dishes! By preparing different dishes each week you’ll learn new techniques and how to use different ingredients. Grab a cookbook or find a blog and try out whatever recipes they have going on. There is an abundance of resources in this department, and food products themselves tend to even have recipes on the backs of labels.

For those who aren’t as comfortable in the kitchen, or as adventurous with cuisine, a great way to change things up is to simply switch ingredients. Take that salmon dish you always make and try it with trout instead. Swap out the white rice for a different type of rice or quinoa or barley. Tired of broccoli? Give green beans, asparagus or Brussels sprouts a go. All these substitutions can be prepared in the same way and have similar nutritional value.

I also love to just prepare several sides of veggies separate from proteins. This allows me more variety for those unexpected cravings. I like to make 2-3 sauces as well and set them aside. In this way I can mix and match.

Finally, having a wicked playlist is a sure fire way to help you get through your weekly meal prep duties. Maybe you haven’t listened to your favourite artist’s new album yet? You could also catch up on some podcasts here too. Whatever it takes to get you in the zone. Meal prep can be daunting and monotonous, but give these tips a try and I promise you’ll find some joy in it yet.

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