What Makes A Syracuse BBQ A Great One

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BBQs are common in different parts of the world. You’ll be able to find several restaurants that sell this particular food item. While some of these restaurants incorporated a few tweaks in their BBQ recipes, others are still sticking to preparing what their customers are already accustomed to eating for decades.

But what really makes a great BBQ? Are you aware of the elements that can affect the taste and looks of a BBQ? This article can provide answers to these questions.

When you’re living in a big city such as Syracuse, New York, it’ll be hard to determine which BBQ is the best. With the number of BBQ restaurants operating in this area, you’ll have a hard time coming up with a decision.


To help you out, here are some elements that make a BBQ great:

  1. Using The Right Equipment In Cooking

There are now different ways of how you can cook a BBQ. While some people are more comfortable in using gas to cook their BBQs, others opt to use a charcoal burner.

If you want to taste a great BBQ, such as those sold by Dino BBQ, make sure it’s cooked using a charcoal burner. There’s nothing really wrong in using gas when cooking BBQs. But, a charcoal burner provides the BBQ an extra smoky flavor.

Aside from the cooking technique, you should also pay attention to the equipment being used when cooking the BBQ. To ensure that all of the flavors of the meat are locked and the
temperature is constant during the entire cooking process, make sure that the BBQ is prepared using a lid. This is a simple cooking technique that can do wonders to the overall taste and
texture of the BBQ.

2. Using The Right Fuel

Depending on where you live right now, charcoal can be accessible. This item can be bought at local stores or petrol stations. However, to create a great BBQ, simply using any type of charcoal is not enough. Keep in mind that the fuel used in cooking a BBQ can change how the meat tastes.

When looking for a great BBQ in your area, look for ones that are cooked using lump wood charcoal. This type of wood looks like a burnt tree and gives off the best flavors for any type of BBQ. Lumpwood charcoal is both natural and unadulterated, making it a cheap and safe option for cooking BBQ.

3. Waiting For The Right Moment To Cook

Anyone in the world can cook BBQ. But, only a very few know how the right cooking technique. There are now BBQ restaurants that provide an open cooking experience to their customers. If ever you dine in one, take note of how the chefs cook the BBQ.

Do they immediately place the meat on the grill after starting the fire? Do they always seem to be in a hurry when preparing and cooking your BBQ? If you answered “yes” to both of these questions, you might be dining in a BBQ restaurant that doesn’t offer the best BBQs.

Great BBQs requires patience and concentration. For a person to make the best BBQs, they have to wait for the flames from the grill to die down. Flame-grilled BBQ doesn’t mean cooking the BBQ in a grill with high fires. On the contrary, one can only produce great BBQs if it is cooked in grey and glowing coals. Once the coals come in this color, it means that the grill is now able to produce the evenest and hottest heat.

4. Knowing When And How To Apply The Marinade

Every human being in the world can buy the same meat. Everyone has access to butchers and wet markets, making it possible for them to cook their own BBQs. For you to become successful in your search for finding a great BBQ, make sure that it has the right amount of marinade and was marinated in the right amount of time. BBQs that are marinated overnight might taste good, but because of the smoke produced by the grill, the marinade might be overridden.

For a BBQ to taste great, it should be brushed with its marinade every ten minutes as it cooks. This technique will add moisture to the BBQ, trap the smoke flavor from the grill, and gently caramelizes the meat as it cooks.

Knowledge Is Power

Now that you know what makes a great BBQ, you can try out different BBQ restaurants from your area and judge which among these is the best. This information will also help you assess which BBQ restaurants truly provide value to your mind and offer the best BBQ dining experience. The things you’ll learn from this article can help you become a BBQ expert in no time!

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