What Is The Best Way To Store Cannabis?

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How to properly store weed

If you’re wondering how to store weed to keep it fresh, then you’ve come to the right place. If you’re buying large quantities of high-quality weed, you really don’t want it to go to waste. Incorrect storing can lead to mold and many other problems. Not only this, but correct storage can lead to a steady improvement in the quality of cannabis. This is because the longer you store it, the drier it becomes. When it’s bone dry, you should find that it grinds beautifully into crystals which can be placed straight into a blunt wrap and smoked up beautifully. The taste of the strain is also further improved, so if you have a particularly nice strain which has been stored properly for a few months, then you’re really in for a treat.


how to store weed without it smelling

Mildew and other fungi and bacteria are very common on cannabis, so if you’re storing cannabis you have to make sure that the conditions are not good for this type of this to grow.

How should I store my weed and what to store weed in

The best way to explain the best methods of storing your weed would be to talk about the do’s and don’ts of storing weed.



The do’s

The don’ts

Store your cannabis in a cool, dry place Do not use a plastic bag. Plastic bags take off a lot of the trichomes, which are covered in cannabinoids. Not only this, but they also affect the flavour if stored for long periods of time inside plastic.
Use vacuum-sealed containers and jars Do not store your cannabis with a pipe or a bong, because it will ruin the taste over long periods of time.
Store in containers without charge, glass is the best option Don’t store it in a refrigerator or freezer, freezers can make trichomes freeze and break.
Store your strains separately, unless you love a big mix of weed (nothing wrong with a jungle joint) Do not store near heat or in the sunlight, or around anything that gives off heat or electricity


How to store weed to hide smell

If it’s the smell you’re bothered about, then it’s best to store your weed inside a glass container with a vacuum-seal. If you’re trying to store weed on-the-go and you don’t want it to smell then you can also buy something like a stash bag, or a stash container. These are great for travelling around with weed and not wanting to smell of the stuff. For example at family events (if you’re into that kind of thing), going to the movie theatre, or whatever it may be. The benefit of a stash bag is that it’s cheaper, but a stash container can be re-used many times, and it’s made of metal, which is better for storing your favourite herb.

How to store weed seeds

When you buy weed seeds they will normally come in a pack, if that is the case, then you are able to just simply leave them within the originally packaging. However, if you’re trying to store seeds from a grow for example, and you want to preserve a strain, then you should follow think about the following factors, and even for longer periods of time with longer storage times:

  • Air humidity –  should not exceed 9%. Keep them in a cool, dark place, and ensure there is not any moisture.
  • Temperature – Royal Queen Seeds recommends that you should store your seeds inside a fridge or freezer.
  • Light – Should not be exposed to light, as this may cause germination

Once you take your seeds out of storage, you need to acclimatize them to their new environment before germinating them.

Frequently asked questions about storing weed

How long can I store my weed for?

Generally, if stored correctly, cannabis can be stored from anywhere between 6 months to 1 year. This varies greatly, depending on strain, storing technique, and whether any moisture was present on the buds when you first put it into storage. One thing is for sure though, weed will go bad, and when it does, it goes very bad. Be extremely careful when smoking buds you’ve stored for a long time, as mildew is very common on buds. Generally, the Californian boutique strains which are very flavoursome and have a large amount of trichomes and terpenes benefit greatly from growing.

Where is the best place to store weed

What Is The Best Way To Store Weed?
What Is The Best Way To Store Weed?

The best place to store weed would be the best place you store something like alcohol. A cool, dark place. This can be a basement, or perhaps an attic. A cupboard should work well also, or under the stairs, like Harry Potter. If you’re wondering where to store weed then just stick it somewhere dark and cool.

How to store weed for long periods of time

As we’ve mentioned before, weed does have a shelf life. If you want the biggest chance of it remaining good for very long periods of time (we’re talking years here) then you should definitely consider putting it in the freezer. The freezer is good because it will ensure the quality lasts for longer, but it will probably affect the potency of the weed because it affects the trichomes on the leaves. Other than than, I would recommend not storing cannabis for longer periods of time than 1 year and then smoking it because it’s likely to taste very bad and could potentially harm you.

How to store weed to keep it fresh

So, this article has helped you understand how to store your weed. It’s a frustrating thing, to have a large amount of weed and not know what to do with it. I would summarize as follows:

  • If it’s for a few days, use a plastic bag or a glass jar, don’t worry about a vacuum seal too much
  • If it’s for a few weeks or more you have to be more careful, and make sure the temperature, the place you store it in, and the container you store it in are all correct, otherwise, you could lose a lot of your precious weed
  • When storing more than a year, you should try the freezer
  • How to store weed without smell for short periods of time is simple, buy a stash bag

Check out this video on how to keep your weed fresh:



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