Weslodge Fried Chicken Party

Weslodge_Fried Chicken

Recently, in an attempt to reduce my carbon footprint as well as improve my overall health and skin, I have been making a huge effort to eat a more wholesome plant-based diet. To my own surprise, this new endeavor has actually been pretty successful. About 50% of my meals per week are now plant-based.

While I definitely consider such a lifestyle a noble pursuit, when asked why I don’t just go all the way and completely give up all animal products, a few reasons come to find; one of them being my love of fried chicken. It’s no coincidence that this glorious dish is often referred to as the epitome of soul food.

Weslodge Chicken PartyI’m certainly not alone in this opinion. Across cultures, different interpretations of fried chicken can be found. From spicy Korean renditions to Japanese karage, to Cajun-style, to the western brunch staple fried chicken and waffles.

In a celebration of everyone’s favorite fried food (yes, it’s better than fries), Toronto restaurant,Weslodge, hosted a fried chicken patio party. For only $12, guests could indulge in a plate of perfectly crispy succulent fried chicken served with grilled corn topped by a zesty chili lime butter. Also included was a sad soggy version of what should have been a crunchy fresh watermelon and feta salad. Nevertheless, staying on the theme of southern comfort, for only for $5 you could wash it all down with a refreshing bourbon lemonade. Considering ordering both costs only a steal of $15, I’m not complaining.