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Vegan on a Budget: A Convenient Cookbook from Liv B.

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As someone who isn’t vegan, the idea of endless hours of prep work chopping vegetables, soaking legumes and stewing things (which I assume goes into a plant based diet), sounds about zero percent fun. While maintaining a lifestyle without animal products does come with a bit of an increased workload, it’s actually a lot more easily accomplished than you’d think. That’s exactly what I learned from Olivia Biermann (Liv. B)’s new cookbook, Vegan on a Budget.

Who Is Liv B.?

Liv B. is an Instagram influencer, YouTuber and lover of good food. She provides her fans with amazing vegan recipes if you are on a plant-based diet or curious about trying out the lifestyle.

Show me What You’re Working With

From soups, appetizers and salads to sandwiches, mains and desserts, Vegan on a Budget is not only packed with varied and creative recipes but also opens with a section dedicated to basics including seitan crumble, sauces and vegan cheeses. Any of these items can be used to create dishes of your own.

The recipes draw on may different ethnic and culinary influences with one overarching theme: vegan offerings that are easily prepared and loaded with flavour. And it delivers just that. The whole premise here is that regardless of your cooking ability you should be able to enjoy delicious, homemade vegan dishes. Most recipes contain only a handful of ingredients and a similar number of steps.

The Sweet Stuff

Now as someone who has lots of experience preparing savoury food, baking has never really been my strong suit. I’d sooner open a box of Betty Crocker cake mix than buy a bag of flour. So it was only fitting that I tested out one of the dessert recipes for this article. And it just so happens that chocolate chip cookies are one of my favourites, mostly because I love eating bits of dough as they’re being made. So does Liv apparently because there is a phenomenal recipe for edible cookie dough in the collection.

With only a few easily obtainable ingredients and about 10 minutes I had a bowlful of the delicious dough. Not only does it taste great on its own, but Liv recommends using it as a topping for pancakes or ice cream. I can vouch for both of those suggestions and assure you that in whatever context you use this edible cookie dough, you won’t be disappointed.

It’s So Easy

Incorporating vegan dishes into your regular meal schedule is a lot easier than you may think. And if you’re like me and not exactly sure where to begin or what to make, Vegan on a Budget is a wonderful place to start.

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