Toronto’s Hottest Food Hall, Now at Your Door

When I lived in Europe during my university years, one of my favorite ways to spend an afternoon was by eating my way through one of the many vibrant food halls found in any major city. There, purveyors serving every type of food and cuisine would gather under one roof for what foodies alike would consider a culinary amusement park. I remember thinking, we need something similar in Toronto. Thankfully, this year, my prayers were answered in the form of Assembly Chef’s Hall: an 18 000-square foot gastronomic playground featuring some of the cities’ most beloved dining establishments.

With its diversity of enticing food and beverage options, it is no surprise it has become a culinary destination. Now, there is a new way to enjoy the hall’s delicious offerings without leaving the comfort of your own seat. Assembly Chef’s Hall has partnered up with online food delivery company Foodora to reach hungry patrons beyond its walls. Foodora is the only platform where customers can order their Assembly meals ahead to be delivered at their preferred time. Making the ordering process straightforward, each vendor has their own store on the website. For diners who are unsure, Foodora has included a “Best of Assembly” section, consisting of the hall’s most popular items.

At their event celebrating the new partnership with Foodora, I had the pleasure of sampling some of Assembly’s best eats. The evening began with gluten-free, vegan, and organic Kensington hotspot Hibiscus. We were served a colorful 42-ingredient salad, comprised of items such as quinoa, sweet potato, beans, and broccoli: a filling bowl that would satisfy any carnivore. Even the most devoted foodie must admit they have a soft spot for a classic Big Mac. Little Dailo’s bao version tastes exactly like the real deal, except better. The Good Son delighted everyone with a selection of assorted Neapolitan pizzas, from the traditional margherita, oozing with seductively melted mozzarella, to the delicious meaty spicy sopressata, as well as the bright and fresh eggplant ricotta salata. Colibri featured two adorable little handmade corn tortilla tacos: their famous cochinita pibil, made with pork, achiote chili, and pickled red onion, plus a vegan mushroom al pastor, topped with a refreshing pineapple salsa. Bluenose’s lobster rolls, adapted into smaller interpretations, could have certainly been done in their normal full size. The luxurious juicy meat led everyone to reach for a second, maybe a third, of the perfect tiny buns. Lastly, guests indulged in an assortment of precious mini cupcakes from Short & Sweet Bakery. I personally reached for a decadent red velvet with cream cheese. I also allowed myself a classic vanilla cupcake, topped with a beautiful hot pink icing and festive rainbow sprinkles. With such an array of luscious choices, do yourself a favor and skip your usual fast-food delivery.