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Top Travel Destinations for Cannabis Lovers in the World

Aurora Borealis, night time
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Travel is all about finding the real purpose of your life through exploration. You get to traverse the geographical marvels and experience nature at its best. Some people explore to gaze at the stunning landscapes while others wish to live in diverse cultures. For all the cannabis lovers out there, exploring different places includes collecting the best cannabis strains. It would help if you experienced it all, from the calming euphoria of green crack to the top-notch indulgence of purple kush. Here are the top travel destinations for cannabis lovers in the world.


Tourists love to traverse the spectacular Niagara Falls, Canada and dive deeper into the wonders of nature. You are likely to experience a delightful vacation amidst Canadian sculptures and natural aesthetics. Along with this, the country legalized cannabis for recreational use long ago. It makes procuring the best Canadian cannabis strains relatively easy. You can get your hands on CBD vape pens that work well and authentic strains like AK-47 and Lowryder. Also, try to cover up the top-notch attractions like Stanley Park and Whistler snow activities. For all you cannabis lovers, in case you wish to carry some cannabis back home, you can do that with the right license. Enjoy the cannabis high amidst snow-capped arctic mountains and bewildering fauna of the region.


The Netherlands

Apart from the canal cruises and enthralling boat rides, Amsterdam also has the oldest coffeeshops in store for you. Make sure to roam around the artistic streets and fetch the best cannabis varieties. In case you can’t find the right place, head straight to the coffeeshops. You can get your hands on the delicious coffee coupled up with a good variety of strains. Although the drug isn’t legal in the country, the authorities allow you to carry less than 5 grams around. Make sure to get high and cover up the spots like Rijksmuseum, De Hoge Veluwe National Park and Kinderdijk for the ultimate cannabis lovers experience. Also, collect the perfect strains like Amnesia Haze, Hulkberry, and Fat Banana. Explore the world and experience the best cannabis tourism.



The South American region boasts top-notch flora and an ecstatic fauna to explore. The country is located between Argentina and Brazil has the best cannabis in store for you. Uruguay is one of the best destinations for cannabis lovers all over the world. You can explore the stunning river basins and fetch excellent cannabis varieties like green crack. Make sure to explore the stunning turquoise waters and enjoy a euphoric high amidst nature. Along with this, you must cover up the attractions like Salvo Palace and Punta del Este. Visit the artistic places like Parque Rodó and get a chance to gaze at the intricacies of paintings. In the end, don’t forget to indulge in the savory essence of corned beef with the authentic wine of the region. 



Barcelona has a little something in store for the cannabis lovers as well. You can find the cannabis clubs in the region that offer the best strains. You might also enjoy a Spanish party at the cannabis clubs in Barcelona and score enthralling cannabis strains. Along with good music, this place offers delicious food pairings and the best quality cannabis in town. Once you get the best cannabis, embark upon the exploration. You might cover up the destinations like Casa Mila La Rambla, Palau de la Música, and Casa Batlló Camp Nou. Make sure to book the social clubs beforehand and get a membership to enjoy the cannabis strains. Also, explore the natural aesthetics to have a closer look at flora and fauna of the region. 



Here’s the country in North America that legalized marijuana for recreational use as well. You can fetch the high-quality cannabis while gazing at the beautiful Aurora Borealis. Alaska boasts the best natural diversity and allows cannabis lovers the enchanting cannabis tourism. You can enjoy the cannabis puffs and observe the intricacies of the northern lights at the same time. Also, try exploring the arctic glaciers and cover up the natural spots of the region. Once you fetch the desired cannabis, explore the attractions like Matanuska Glacier and Denali National Park.



Weed culture is quite popular in the Jamaican world due to the association of the herb with culture. From the essence of reggae music to the Rastafari religion, cannabis lovers get to experience it all. You must explore the country and experience the diversity of the region at the same time. What adds to the cannabis cultivation is the suitable soil and climatic conditions. All these factors contribute to the abundance of weed and marijuana enthusiasts in the region. While enjoying the weed high, you can traverse the spots like Dunn’s river falls and Negril beach. Along with this, try to fetch some weed for your acquaintances back home as well.


Costa Rica

Surfers all over the world land in this Latin American country to satisfy the turquoise water cravings. Costa Rica is home to the best beaches, sea-food, and balmy weather. You can enjoy the best beach vacation in the country, coupled up with ecstatic euphoria. With the legalization of cannabis in the region, it’s relatively easy to get your hands on the right cannabis variety. All you need to do is search for the perfect strains in the not so pleasant areas of the city. You are likely to become more optimistic here due to the happy vibes and friendly locals. Get your hands on the perfect strains and traverse the bewildering volcanoes right away.


Bottom Line

Exploring the unexplored brings a sense of joy and accomplishment within you. It would be best if you covered up the ecstatic travel destinations to satiate the wanderlust within. Also, you can list down the 420-friendly locations and enjoy the best high at the same time. With the legalization of marijuana for recreational use, cannabis lovers can embark upon cannabis tourism as well. However, this doesn’t mean that you need to compromise on the exploration. You might consider traversing through the natural aesthetics and hunting for the best strain at the same time. Also, try collecting your favorite strains and enjoy them amidst the lush green forests of different regions.


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Written by Amanda Howard

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