Top Steamy Places to Have Sex

Think outside the box and get outside the bedroom

top steamy places to have sex
Looking to spice up your sex life?
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Sex is amazing and all, but have you ever wanted to up the ante and take things beyond the bedroom? There a ton of ways to spice things up location-wise, whether you’re a little timid or a bold exhibitionist. Since we are in a pandemic right now, we rounded up a mix of sensual places within reach, and more mysterious ones from afar that you can explore when traveling is safe again. Here are the top steamy places to have sex.


The kitchen is known to be of the most steamy places to have sex and we agree! There’s nothing hotter than having bae press you up against the fridge or kitchen island. You can also hoist yourself up on the counter, dining table, or even on the floor for a frenzied and passionate session. Just make sure to have a couple of pillows and blankets on hand so that your tail bone doesn’t get a beating.


The shower is known as one of the most steamy places to have sex- literally. It is much more accessible than a heated pool and just as wet and wild. It works for a stand-up sesh or some romantic bath-time fun. But what we love most about bathroom sex is the mirrors that let you soak in the view of yourself bent over or pressed up against a wall. If you live with other people, shower sex lets you go as crazy as possible, since running water tends to drown out moans and any scandalous sounds.

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Ah, doesn’t this bring back memories of your teen and college years? Car sex might not be the most luxurious, but the risk of someone seeing and that nostalgic feeling of hiding out can bring you back to your younger days in an exhilarating way. Front seat or back seat, this is a thrill you don’t want to miss out on. It’ll bring you closer than ever – literally and figuratively.


There’s nowhere better to get wild than in the wild, am I right? There’s something so thrilling about getting freaky outside, and you have your run of the mill with most places bring a ghost town due to COVID. But there’s just something about being surrounded by the natural world and fresh air that brings out your animalistic nature. Also, boulders and trees can make for great props.

Your Backyard or Balcony

If the thrill of the outdoors sounds too adventurous, moving things to a smaller scale on your balcony or backyard is just as liberating. On a balcony, lay out a blanket or lean against it while watching the stars or soaking in the city’s skyline. In a backyard, you can do the same – if you have a porch swing, the possibilities are endless.

Heated Pool

If you don’t have one, rent an Airbnb or go to a hotel that has one. Getting nasty in a hot tub sounds tantalizing in theory, but doing so can result in yeast and bacterial infections, which is the least sexy thing there is. A heated pool, on the other hand, lets you recreate your favorite movie scene, without any health repercussions.

Whether that is watching live cams to increase your sexual arousal or changing locations to keep your sex life exciting, whatever it may be you can expand your sexual experiences based on what turns you and your partner on.

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Written by Naima Karp

Naima is trying to navigate the waters of being a twenty-something year old while empowering and inspiring those of all walks. She’s a New York City native, and still resides there. She’s been writing since she was a teenager on relationships, fashion, lifestyle and more. She has roots in many pots, being half Russian and half Pakistani, and hopes to learn as much as she can about other cultures while growing as an author.

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