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These Gadgets Will Keep March Break Temper Tantrums At Bay

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Are you already dreading your March Break road trip? Can you never enjoy a flight to your dream destinations, because your kids are being a pest? DINE Magazine and family travel expert Heather Greenwood Davis have got you covered. With these gadgets, your next family adventure should be smooth sailing.

Your Favourite New Piece of Luggage: Zync Flyte Scooter Suitcase

Shlepping suitcases that are not your own can be the worst. What if your kids could be responsible for carrying their own luggage, and have fun doing it? Here’s a solution for you. The Zinc Flyte Scooter Suitcase is a cabin-sized piece of luggage that looks like a conventional kid-friendly pull-along case. However, there is more than meets the eye at first glance. Its built-in flip-out deck converts into a scooter. But is it practical, you ask? Yes, all your kids travel essentials will easily fit into the Zinc Flyte’s spacious luggage compartment.


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Interactive Gaming On-the-go: Nintendo Switch

Nintendo’s latest console is the ultimate travel-sized gaming solution. The Nintendo Switch’s multi-functionality makes it a TV console, Gameboy and tablet all in one device. It can be played in handheld, table top or docking mode. The Switch, like its Wii predecessors, was made with multiplayer gaming in mind. Its extensive library of kid-friendly multiplayer games will keep your family occupied for hours – be it on the road or in front of the hotel TV after a long day in the sun.

Keeping the Car Quiet, Thanks to Audiobooks: Audible

I always loved going on road trips with my family. Choosing the right cassettes and then listening to the same audio-books over and over and over. What was ultimate bliss for me and my siblings must have driven our parents into madness. But parents fear not. Times have changed. There are thousands of different audio-books right at your fingertips. Maybe start with 120 hours of the entire Harry Potter series, the Narnia saga, or The Complete Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm.


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Giving Everyone Their Own Space: LilGadgets: Connect+ Wired Headphones with SharePort

There comes a time when we all want a little space and time of our own. Compromises and sharing can take you a long way, but eventually your luck will run out. Sometimes I just want my music, my audiobook, or my own movie. LilGadget headphones were designed by parents and are protective of your children’s ears. An additional earpiece splitter however, still allows for shared listening fun.


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So That the Juice Never Runs Out: Anker PowerCore Portable Charger

Be it the Nintendo Switch, your phone, tablet or bluetooth headset, mayhem ensues when the battery life is nearing its end. Heavens forbid you would have to come up with a pastime that doesn’t involve screens. To prevent a Lord of the Flies scenario on your March Break, think ahead. A power bank can be a game changer if no other power outlet is around. The Anker PowerCore Portable Charger can charge three devices at a time and at a faster rate than a conventional outlet. Just remember to have the power bank charged before your trip!


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With these gadgets you should be all set. Enjoy a hopefully relaxing March Break with your family.

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