These Are The Best Things To Do in Toronto (For Free)

eloise ambursley 373663 unsplash
eloise ambursley 373663 unsplash
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Everyone knows the feeling of being broke and bored. Here are some things you can do in the city without any cash.


Head to the Art Gallery of Ontario on Wednesday nights when it’s free admission. You can also check out the Aga Khan Museum at the same time as it also offers free admission to all. For other places, the Bata Shoe Museum is pay what you can on Thursday nights, and the Alumnae Theatre is pay what you can on Sunday nights. The Museum of Canadian Contemporary art is pay what you can every day of the week. If you’re more of an animal person, the Hyde Park Zoo is open to everyone at all times.

Evergreen Brick Works

To check out other art, Evergreen Brick Works is always free, as are any events at the Power Plant. You can also head over to Graffiti Alley off Queen West, behind Portland and Spadina Avenue, if you’re more of a street art lover. Artscape Youngplace or Artscape Wychwood also have art exhibits available to all.

Soak in Some Nature

For nature lovers, head over to Hyde Park or the Toronto Islands, where there’s hiking and swimming a plenty (as long as the season is right). The Toronto Botanical Gardens are great for people who love beautiful flowers and other curated parts of nature. And for the extra adventurous, head out to the Scarborough Bluffs for some real hiking.

Take a Trip to Kensington

If you’re more of a city person, take a walk through Kensington Markets (especially on Pedestrian Sundays!) There’s plenty of window shopping and street art to see, among other things. City slickers can also head over to the Distillery District, for more of a historical feel to your free tour.

For All the True Crime Lovers

You can sit in at one of the criminal trials at court houses in the city (but be sure to keep quiet.) If you’re not interested in true crime, you can also head to any of the city’s public libraries and read for free.

There are certainly many other free things to do in Toronto, but hopefully this group gives you a starting off point to leap into the world of free entertainment.

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Written by Goldie Poll

Goldie Poll is originally from Vancouver, British Columbia. She received her HBA from the University of Toronto in 2014, and her MA from the New School in 2017. She works in multimedia journalism, including in writing and video production.


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