These are the Best Peruvian Restaurants in Toronto

Add some culture to your culinary experiences.

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Peruvian cuisine seems like a rare find in Toronto. However, Peru has such a diverse culinary history that its cuisine is so exciting and becoming increasingly popular.

Several cultures influence Peru’s cuisine as a result of immigration. Its cuisine draws from the indigenous Quechua, the Spanish, the Chinese, the Japanese and the Italians. Pre-dating mainstream Latin American cuisine, Peruvian food balances novelty and familiarity. Here are the best places to sample Peruvian cuisine while delving into this rich culture.

Mira Restaurant

Mira’s restaurant name originates from Miraflores, an upscale suburban district south of downtown Lima, Peru. The name of the restaurant itself carries a varied history.

Miraflores is one of the first areas the Spanish settled when Lima was founded. It means “to watch flowers” or “flower’s view.”  At Mira, the restaurant honours Peru’s colourful spirit.

The menu is inspired by Peru’s bold flavours and describes itself as a “creative and contemporary take on authentic dishes.” Choose a selection of fresh seafood and meats in dishes of ceviche, tiraditos and anticuchos.


Restaurant Mochica

Mochica is a ceviche and pisco bar offering Peruvian regional cuisine. The restaurant can also be described as a museum welcoming its guests to Peruvian culture.

Mochica offers dishes derived from the chef’s ancestral aboriginal Mochica culture to a contemporary fusion of Peru’s modern cuisine. With dishes inspired by family recipes and Peru’s culinary history, your taste buds can travel back to ancient flavours to the pre-Colombian era and then move forward to Post-Colombian times.

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Kay Pacha

Kay Pacha is another Peruvian restaurant with cultural roots in its name. The term ‘Kay Pacha’ comes from one of the Three Pacha Realms of Inca Mythology.

It offers a variety of small plates that are perfect for trying a little bit of everything from the menu. Try the Ceviche Kay Pacha, packed with fish, baby octopus and black tiger shrimp. For your drink, sip Peruvian brandy by ordering a pisco cocktail.

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Casa Fuego

Casa Fuego is a fusion of Peruvian and Argentinean cuisine prepared Caliente-style (hot.) With Casa Fuego being translated to “fire house,” the restaurant is also defined by the colloquial term ‘fuego’ used in English slang as referring to something excellent.

Casa Fuego claims to have perfected their wood-grilled cooking processes to capture the heart of South American hospitality. Have a taste of excellence through their featured wood-grilled steak, seafood and ceviche.


Koricancha Restaurant

Koricancha Restaurant is named after the ancient Golden Temple of the Sun from the Inca Empire. The Koricancha Temple is one of Peru’s most famous landmarks taking you on a journey with its temple chambers, trapezoid archways and sloping walls.

Koricancha Restaurant honours the sacred temple through its own “savoury journey” with traditional Peruvian Cuisine. Try their most popular dishes such as their empanadas, ceviche or jalea, a fried seafood dish.

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