The Not So Forbidden Fruit

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See… a sculpted orb gleaming red; painted hues of bright crimson, kissing strokes of candy green.

Smell… the freshness of the Earth’s yield; a perfume of blossomed nectar and Autumn sunlight.

Touch… a firmly polished glaze; the strong guardian of a pale heart.

Taste… crystalline juice sleeping within bites of crisp sweet flesh.


The only sin would be to leave that rosy piece of heaven in the grocery aisle and walk on by.

Apples have long been praised as Mother Nature’s medicine. Ever heard the saying, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”? I would wager you have. Often.

And for good reason. Apples are loaded with rich vitamins and nutrients vital to a healthy life. They contain fibre, vitamin C, vitamin K, potassium, manganese, copper and many other vitamins and minerals in smaller proportion (i.e. Vitamins A, E, B1, B2 and B6).

They also contain polyphenols like flavonoids, which studies have linked to lower blood pressure and lower risks of stroke. Similar studies show that apples may be good for a healthy heart, with possible links to lower risk of heart disease. This is potentially thanks to their fibre content, which research shows may lower blood cholesterol levels.

various kinds of fresh apples on wooden table, top view

The polyphenols in apples may also help to lower your risk of Type 2 Diabetes, thanks to the positive effects polyphenols appear to have on the pancreas. Good news like this makes it even easier to introduce apples into your daily diet.

But wait… it gets better! The antioxidants in apples may help to protect your lungs from oxidative damage, in this case, possibly lowering your risk of asthma.

Speaking of antioxidants… have you been acquainted with anthocyanins? They are truly charming. Anthocyanins can be found in the skin of an apple; they are antioxidants that give natural pigments of rich vibrant colours like blue, red and violet, to plants. The wonder of these nutrients is that they may help reduce inflammation – something all of us can appreciate.

And were you aware? These round little fruits might just help us slim down. Studies reveal, the fibre and water content resting in apples may be beneficial for weight loss. This dynamic duo fills you up and improves the health of your colon all at the same time. Apples can help flush out and remove heavy toxins and metals from your body; it’s an inner cleanse and deep clean. So do give them a try! The next time you’re fishing for a snack, shine an apple on your shirt and let the inner body spa day begin!

Apple picking in orchard

As you can see, there are bushels of benefits that make us adore apples. And yet… there is a reason why Snow White met with such an ill fate upon that bite of her infamous poison apple. While these radiant fruits offer many health boosts, you may be shocked to discover, the fairy-tale holds some truth. Apples do contain poison. Cyanide to be exact. Forest dwelling princesses beware; these bountiful fruits are rotten to the core. And by core I mean seeds. The only part of an apple you need fear are the tiny teardrops of cocoa coloured seeds sitting inside. They contain cyanide, but very very minute amounts. Eating one or two, or five or six by accident will not kill you. That being said… I probably wouldn’t go around eating mounds of apple seeds every other day, they are likely to give you a stomach ache, or worse.

But don’t let the seeds scare you. All in all, apples are lovely.

Not to mention numerous! Red Delicious; Golden Delicious; Gala; Granny Smith; Honeycrisp; Cripps Pink; Ambrosia; Aurora; Pink Lady; McIntosh; Fuji; Opal; Jazz; Envy and more! There are so many flavours, each with their own unique taste, hue, and scent, you’ll never grow bored of these nutritious fruits.

Within a ball of ravishing red or garden-fresh green, lies a richness of magical vitamins and nutrients. So chop them for a salad, dip them in slices, or simply enjoy them whole, bite by bite. However you choose to eat your apples, you will reap the rewards of these fabulous fruits.

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Written by Jennifer Gault

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