The Most Stylish Puffer Coats for Winter

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Now that winter is approaching, the puffer coat game in Toronto is aplenty. I’ve seen puffer coats of all kind: bright colours, gold lamé, some fitted and tapered, some oversized.

Here are some of my favourite looks.

Fashion Superstars

The Super Puff – Aritzia

Okay, I may be a bit biased because I bought this one myself (in electric red!). I am so in love with this coat, that I was actually hoping it would get chilly so I could wear it (I know… blasphemy). Not only is it insanely warm, but it’s the perfect fit of a bit loose while also not making you look like a marshmallow. They come in a ton of fun colours and lengths. Also, what I really loved about this coat is that it is goose down, but ethically sourced. Plus, the price point isn’t bad, ranging from $250-$328. Compared to the cost of a Canada Goose jacket, it’s a great option. Can someone buy me like 10 of these?


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tbh this jacket is the best purchase I’ve made all year ☁️ #TheSuperPuff

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Weekender Puffer Jacket – Free People

The Lilac and Spice colour options for this jacket are amazing. I think the shorter style of puffer is quite stylish, and this one will keep you warm enough for a short coat.


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Always photo-ready with @theimpossiblemuse. #taptoshop

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Budget Friendly

Uniqlo – Seamless Down Short Coat

Uniqlo is the best. If you want to stock up on all basic essentials for a great price, Uniqlo has everything. Their stuff is also in season, with on trend colours and styles. Their puffer coat is light, yet warm, and if you’re looking for a budget friendly option, this coat runs at $199.90. It comes in many beautiful colours. 

Any Puffer from Zara

Zara has a bunch of affordable puffer coat options for the winter. Most of them are priced under $200. 

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