Calling all Toronto Wizards: The Lockhart is the Harry Potter-Themed Restaurant of Your Dreams

The Lockhart is a truly magical experience for Harry Potter lovers.

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On the corner of Dundas and Dufferin Streets, there is a cocktail and tapas bar called The Lockhart.

It’s a small place. Blink and you’ll miss it. But, if you’re a fan of Harry Potter, then it’s something you’ll want to see. Here is everything you need to know about this Harry Potter-themed restaurant.

They Nailed the Decor

The Decor within the restaurant is subtle, but enough to make you feel like you are on a class trip to Hogsmeade with Harry and his friends. Their collection of spell-books and potion ingredients help transport you into the Wizarding World.

Yes, They Have Butterbeer

It wouldn’t be a Harry Potter bar without Butterbeer, one of the famous drinks from the Potter series. Whether you want an alcoholic version or not, the choice is yours.

It may not be what you expect Butterbeer to taste like, but it’s all about the experience (well that, and getting to see the staff toast a marshmallow right at the bar to put on top of the drink.)

Mim-O-Sas For All

If Butterbeer isn’t your thing, they sometimes offer $3 mimosas (“It’s mim-O-sa, not mi-mo-SA,” a play on one of Hermione’s lines in the book.) And if that’s not your thing either, one of their many Potter-themed drinks is bound to be.

Although the menu does not have a wide variety of options, many of the items can be made in different ways. The french toast can be made with banana and Nutella, or with apples and mascarpone. It’s a cool way to personalize your order.

The Finishing Touch

Finish your meal with a classic Potter treat: chocolate toads, which also come in different
flavours. Unlike the crunchy versions that some candy stores sell, these have filling in the middle.

Check out these Events

Food isn’t the only thing that The Lockhart has to offer, though. They have frequent events like the following: Harry Potter Trivia, “Magic Nights” and more. The staff are enthusiastic and engaging and make a good time even better.

This bar is a fun time. You, too, will agree with the last line of the series that is written on the back wall of The Lockhart: “All Was Well.”

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