The Differences Between Vaping vs. Smoking Cannabis

When it comes to vaping vs. smoking cannabis, it is really a personal preference.
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The world of cannabis feels like it’s expanding every day. From edibles to traditional joints to vaping, there are dozens of ways to enjoy this leafy green plant.

Vaping is a more recent method. The US allowed the sale of e-cigarettes in 2007, though their popularity didn’t explode until around 2010. Around the same time, vape pens designed for cannabis hit the market.

So, are there large differences between vaping vs. smoking cannabis? If so, what are they? This guide digs in and examines smoking vs. vaping and how to do each one correctly.

What is Vaping?

Smoking is pretty straightforward, so let’s briefly address what vaping is. Vaping is the use of an electronic device to heat oil or herbs, “vaporizing” them into, well, vapor. You then inhale this vapor. There are practically endless designs for vape pens available today. You can choose from novelty character vapes to the traditional vape pen and more.


What Are the Benefits of Smoking CBD Hemp Flowers?

Inhaling any type of smoke should be done in moderation. That said, there are quite a few benefits to smoking CBD hemp flowers.

  • It’s Relaxing

CBD hemp flowers are not THC, so you don’t get a “head high.” Rather, these flowers provide a calming and soothing effect. They’re also well-balanced so you don’t have to worry about being stuck to your couch all day.

  • It Can Provide Relief For Certain Mental Health Struggles

Symptoms of anxiety, depression, and PTSD can all be lessened by smoking CBD hemp flowers. That same relaxation and soothing effect can lower behavioral signs of these mental health struggles.

PTSD in particular can benefit from CBD. Dr. Whitelocke, the founder of AR MMJ Cards, says, “PTSD can have devastating long-term impacts on a patient’s psyche. The backstories tattoo the most shocking images on the mind.”

CBD helps reduce the intensity of the feelings and images associated with PTSD and other mental health disorders.

  • It’s Anti-Inflammatory

In addition to helping with mental health, CBD hemp flowers help with physical health. Its anti-inflammatory properties can reduce pain and lower blood pressure. While further studies still need to be done, the foundation for the usefulness of CBD is there.


Which Type of Vaporizer Best Suits You?

Vaporizers come in two main types: desktop and portable. Desktop is precisely as it sounds: a vaporizer designed to stay in one place, sitting on a table or desk. Portable vapes are usually pens but also include e-cigarettes, box mods, and pod mods.

To determine which type is better for you, examine your needs. Do you want to be able to smoke on the go? Or are you more of a stay-at-home person? (Quarantine 2020 comes to mind, but that’s beside the point!)

Another consideration is what you want to vape. Both desktop and portable vaporizers can usually accommodate dry herbs, liquids, and extracts. However, some models are only compatible with one or two of those options. Experiment with your favorite way to consume cannabis and go from there.


How to Save Money and Conserve Your Cannabis With Vaporizers

Vaporizers help you conserve your cannabis. They’re designed to slow roast your herb or dry material. This is opposed to the “flash fry” method bongs and pipes utilize.

For example, if you place 0.1 grams of cannabis into your portable vape, you get to enjoy that herb for anywhere from two to four minutes. The same amount in a traditional bong or pipe turns your product to ash in approximately ten seconds.

With vaporizers, a little herb goes a long way. You can stretch your cannabis over much longer periods while still getting the same effect as when you smoke.


An Essential Guide to Bongs: Avoid Beginner Mistakes

There are literally hundreds of types of bongs available; how do you know which one to choose? A few important considerations can help you avoid beginner mistakes and identify your perfect bong.

  • Where do you want to use it?

Similar to vaporizers, choose your bong based on where you will primarily be using it. If you want to smoke on the go, choose a smaller, durable bong. Silicone is a good option for this as it’s practically impossible to break. They also tend to come in more shapes and colors than other materials.

If you’re a homebody, you can invest in a larger, less durable piece. Glass bongs are visually appealing and can make excellent decoration when not in use. Or, if you want to be a bit more discreet, choose a smaller bong you won’t have to hide every time your mom drops by.

  • What kind of smoking experience do you want?

Some folks prefer a hot, intense hit while others like a smoother, cool experience. How you want to smoke your product will change which type of bong you choose.

Percolators, for example, have holes in them to help cool the smoke. Some come with ice catchers so the smoke passes through ice cubes, giving it an extra dose of chill. Downstems add diffusion, breaking up the smoke.

The type of lighter you use can also affect your smoking experience. A torch lighter will offer a stronger flame, and won’t impart a gas smell. Check out torch lighters for sale to see how many options are available and elevate your sesh!

  • What level of care are you prepared to give?

Like any tool or appliance, bongs take regular maintenance. If you’re the type to be rather rough on your belongings, choose a silicone option. Do you find it hard to remember to tidy up your spaces? An easy-to-clean, simple bong means you’re more likely to actually clean it.

If you’re a bit more type A, you can invest in a more complex, difficult-to-care-for bong. Multiple chambers or parts will require regular attention to keep your hits clean.

Vaping vs. Smoking: Final Thoughts

Both vaping and smoking have their place in the world of cannabis. Vaping is ideal for those who prefer less smoke in their lungs, like the idea of a portable pen or want to extend the life of their product.

Smoking can offer a variety of benefits and can be cheaper and more easily accessible, depending on where you live.

Ultimately, the choice of what you consume is up to you. Experiment with both and see which gives you the ideal cannabis experience you’re looking for.

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