The 3 Top Milkshake IPA Picks for the Summer

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The craft beer world is ever-evolving. When things change, we end up with awesome beers like milkshake IPAs.

Here are the top 3 Milkshake IPA picks for the summer.

Russell Brewing

First up is the Triple Berry Milkshake IPA from Russell Brewing in British Columbia. The berry flavour is huge in this one, which is immediately noticed as soon as you open the can. The colour of the beer really reflects this. It’s sweetened with lactose but due to the tartness of the berries used a nice balance is achieved between sweet and sour.

Muskoka Brewery

Next is the Black Raspberry Thunder Milkshake IPA from Muskoka Brewery in Ontario. This beer has a complex flavour profile offering subtle raspberry and vanilla notes. A rich, bright pink colour and a slight tartness make this lend itself well to the style. It’s creamy yet somehow oddly refreshing. It’s worth noting that Muskoka has already produced one award-winning milkshake IPA, the Berry Springer.

Odell Brewing

Another Milkshake IPA pick comes from Odell Brewing in Colorado. Instead of leaning in on the berries this beer takes a different direction with peach being the dominant flavour. It pours a beautiful hazy peach colour and has a wonderful creamy texture. Some classic IPA flavours come out here as well – citrus and hops. And according to the breweries website they use actual clouds for this head in the sky brew.

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