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THC Distillate Manufacturing and Usefulness

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THC distillate is one of a lot of cannabis extract on the market today. You get THC distillate when cannabis oil goes through the process of distillation. The distillation process is usually a short path distillation process and any cannabis oil can undergo this process to form the THC distillates. Distillate is a liquid that has been purified by heating and cooling processes. So it is safe to say that THC distillates are actually pure. The process of distillation usually takes away these impurities as well as other parts of the cannabis plants that will not be needed in the final product.

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The Purity of THC Distillates

The purity of this THC distillates is such that it does not contain any chlorophyll in it at all. Impurities removed during this process of distillation includes residues of fungi, pesticides, waxes and fats of plants. As a matter of fact, cannabinoid content in this cannabis extract is usually as high as 99%. That is how pure THC distillates are. They are not just pure, of all the cannabis extract in the market, they are unarguably the most potent of all.

How to Make THC Distillates

Derivation of THC distillates is from the fractional distillation of cannabis. Unlike the process of solvent extraction where terpenes, flavonoids and other beneficial elements of the cannabis can be destroyed, the process of distillation ensures that all of this cannabis elements can be collected in the final distillate and there are no leftovers in the solvent. This is in fact the reason why this cannabis extract has a cannabinoid content as high as 99%.

Procedures used in carrying out THC distillation

  1. One thing you have to make sure is that flavonoids, terpenes and cannabinoids can easily be extracted into your final distillate. So you have to first of all combine cannabis plant matter and a solvent.
  2. Terpenes and flavonoids have lower boiling points than cannabinoids so you need to increase the temperature of the solution. At their appropriate boiling points, terpenes and flavonoids will boil off the solution.
  3. As the solution continues to boil and the steam rises, make sure that you pass the steam through a tube that is water cooled. The steam condenses the gas into liquid as the steam passes through it. These condensed liquids are the terpenes and flavonoids that were first boiled off the solution.
  4. After separating the flavonoids and terpenes from the solution, the next thing we are trying to separate is the cannabinoid. To do this, you have to again increase the temperature of initial solution. This is in order to boil off the cannabinoids from the solution as well.
  5. The setup is still the same so the process is the same. Pass the rising steam through the tube that is water cooled and it condenses the liquid as well. By this, you would have recovered the cannabinoids back.
  6. The last step is for you to mix all three separated substances (cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids) together. Once you are done mixing all the three together, what you have is your favorite cannabis extract, THC distillate.


This process is a little bit more complicated than it appears and it also requires specific equipment that are not readily available at home. So it might be a lot of difficult to carry out this distillation at home. The description above is a basic description of the whole process but in reality it might be a little bit more complicated than that.

After the whole distillation process, what you are left with is an amber liquid that appears as thick as a honey. You can either allow this distillate to harden up or you can use it as an oil. Whichever way you go, it still works very effectively.

How to Apply THC Distillates

There are a lot of ways to use this cannabis extract. Depending on what your choice or preference is, you can use any of the methods stated below and you can be sure that it will work very effectively.  

Sublingual Application

This method is a common method for applying CBD oil. It is also one very easy way to ingest THC. It involves adding about two drops of the distillate under your tongue. Allow it to remain there for some seconds before swallowing it. This is a fast way for the distillate to move into your bloodstream and it works almost immediately.

The Use of Vape Pen

This is another easy way to use the distillate. This method or means requires a reloadable tank that is useful for both solid and liquid cannabis. Due to the different boiling point of the different forms of cannabis, it will be an added advantage if you are able to adjust or regulate the temperature of the vape pen.

You Can Smoke It

This really might be old school, but it is another effective method. You can roll a small piece of THC distillate in a piece of paper, smoke it in and create your own puff. The effect of the THC can be felt with just a few puffs because of the high content it possesses in the distillate.

Use as Pills

This is another way you can use your THC distillate. The advantage to using it as a pill is that it acts more powerfully and the effect lasts a lot longer than when you smoke or vape the distillate. It might take a while before the THC kicks in. But when it does, it lasts long. This is because of the way digestion works in the body. It would take a while for the digestion to be completed and as the digestive process progresses the THC can be released slowly and progressively in the body. This slow release is why the effect is felt for a longer while.

Eat it

This cannabis extract is very edible. You can mix them with edible foods like coffee, tea, milk, honey candy etc. You can add it to anything edible and consume it. It works fine with anything at all.

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Written by Lucy Winters

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