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Storing Wine: Can You Check Off the Following List?

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As you are reading this particular article, it’s likely that you are either a new or a veteran wine connoisseur who wants to know if their wine storage facilities are missing out on something. Well, if you can check off all the three points on this list by the time we are done, you are truly a master of wine storage and your vintage Bordeaux bottles are aging with grace.

Are You Using the Proper Wine Fridge/Wine Cooler?

If only we all had access to temperature-controlled basements! As that is not quite the case, especially in urban UK, you will need a wine fridge/wine cooler to store your wine and age it into perfection. Now the question is, do you have the right equipment?

Different types of wine require different temperature conditions to age properly over the decades, which also further change as they age. Most wines on the other hand, cannot be kept for more than a year or two in storage. You need a professional or enthusiast grade wine fridge/wine cooler to keep each one of your precious bottles in pristine condition, throughout their respective storage periods.

Of course, this requires a deep understanding of the wine fridge/wine cooler options you have to choose from, so that you can find something that best suits your collection. You can take a look at this page on if you want to get a feel for the wine fridges being sold at the moment, and then you can choose from their huge range of products that cater to the varying need of all customers.

It doesn’t matter if you are only beginning to dabble in wine storage, or if you are a professional oenophile with a very expensive collection, they will help you find a wine fridge or a wine cooler that will cater to the storage needs of all your bottles.

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Sunlight is Deadly for Wine

We are guessing that you are well aware of the fact that sunlight is bad for wine, but just in case you didn’t, know that it is and it will ruin even the best-preserved wine in a matter of minutes! Cold, damp and dark is the way to go here.

Light Doesn’t Just Come from the Sun

As all light doesn’t come from the sun in the modern world, you need to be extra careful in making sure that artificial light sources do not touch your wine bottles for long periods of time.

While good wine is generally stored in high quality, coloured bottles, the glass will not be enough to prevent the degradation of the liquor inside if it is kept in artificial light long enough. Wherever it is that you store your wine, make sure that only a low-powered incandescent bulb is used for illumination and only when necessary.

If you found a few things that your personal wine storage could benefit from, it may have just explained a few batches of spoiled wine before. In case you didn’t find anything lacking, and you have all your bases covered, even better! It is time to expand your collection now because you are ready to.

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Written by Rosana Beechum

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