Squish Squish Bish

Individual packs of candy
Photo Courtesy of Squish Candies

Roses are red.

Violets are blue.

Candy is sweet

And Squish is for you!

Roll your tongue, over a candy belt blanket of tart sour dust.

Sink your teeth, into a soft gooey cushion of orange flavoured, carrot shaped gummies.

Soak up the spirit of a cocktail cutie; Prosecco, Mimosas or Beer, cleverly blended into sugary moulds (a convenient way to slip in a little fun at the office…)

Halloween is almost here, but you don’t need a holiday excuse to enjoy the jovial act of nibbling on nummy yummy sugary treats!

Squish is a Canadian candy brand that brings only the best ingredients to the table. They actually make candy look healthy! (or at least, as close to it as candy can get). These artisanal sweets are made with real fruits, spices and even herbs. Squish offers a selection of candies made with no GMOs, no artificial flavours or colours; no fat, and best of all… no animal by-products! That’s right ladies and gentlemen… Squish sells VEGAN candy! And to make matters even better… all candy made by Squish is Gluten-Free!

Treats made with these considerations are a true nightmare to track down, yet here they are! Nestled in the lower level of The Bay on 176 Yonge Street, lies a kind candy castle for sweet-tooth’s everywhere (vegans and Celiacs included).

And there is certainly no shortage of variety!

Their shops offer an abundance of cute candies in every colour of the rainbow, and every flavour you might imagine. A box of pink Prosecco flavoured bears. A bag of sour Rainbow Belts. Yellow Aloha Pineapples, and blue Blueberry Sharks.

My personal favourites include, the Prosecco Bears and Wild Cherry Belts. But it can be hard to choose from so many options! Luckily, each bag of candies is labeled with a flavour category indicator, marking the sweet as either Intense, Fruity, Calm, Cocktail, or Decadent. If you still cannot quite decide, then skip on over to the candy counter cash, where the sweet-as-can-be staff will offer you a taste of whichever candy you would like to sample (for free). And once you’re ready to buy, you can grab a bag (big or small), box, gift-box, jar, can or cube of custom gummies!

A trip to Squish is like a trip to Candy Land! Their shops are bright, modern, and coated with colour. Pink floors; red walls; purple kisses and yellow sunbursts splattered across displays. Shelves stocked with sweets, and an aura of cheerful fun that seems to dance through the air – or maybe that’s just the scent of sweet, sweet candy.

Sugar coated.


Cute beyond compare.


Who says these sweet mini treats are only for children? Adults should have fun too! Heck, we DESERVE to have something sweet in our super structured, super stressed lives. And what better way to add a little zest and pleasure to the day, than with a Candy Kiss or Cold Brew Bolt – that’s right, coffee in a candy.

So what are you waiting for?! Swing on over to Squish and let the fun begin!